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90’s Kids Rejoice: Tamagotchi is Now Compatible with Apple Watch

Illustration: Tamagotchis In France On June 02, 1997
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Nearly two decades have passed since the original Tamagotchi was released. Back then, kids all over the world were in disbelief how awesome it was to raise their own virtual pet on this unique egg shaped toy.

Tamagotchi Apple Watch 2


Since the 90’s many reincarnations of the Tamagotchi have been released. More recently, Bandai has created the Tamagotchi Classic app allowing you to raise a unique looking pet from the comfort of youriPhone. The Tamagotchi Classic app was a cool application to begin with, but has become even cooler with new Apple Watch support.

Tamagotchi Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch features a small screen but with plenty of room for 90’s inspired fun. The Apple Watch and the original Tamagotchi have similar display sizes, making the Apple Watch and the Tamagotchi app a perfect match.

Tamagotchi Apple Watch 4

The Tamagotchi application for the Apple Watch will allow you to feed your pet or send it to the restroom, which means this version of the app is not the complete Tamagotchi game. You will still need to use the original Tamagotchi application on your iPhone in order to play mini-games and give your pet the exercise it needs.

Even though full care capabilities are not included on the Apple Watch, this new functionality can help ensure you give your virtual pet proper sustenance right from your wrist.

The Tamagotchi Classic app with Apple Watch support will allow you to relive one of the highlights of your childhood for only 99 cents. Find it on the App Store here.

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