6 Fantastic Travel Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

6 Fantastic Travel Apps You Didn't Know Existed

With the holidays coming up, travel apps are essential for getting you where you need to go.

In this day and age we are lucky to have access to apps that can simplify everything from flights, gas prices, seating, and traveling with your beloved pets. Although we all know about Kayak and AirBnb for travel planning, there are hidden gems in the App Store that ill significantly relieving all of your travel worries.

Apple-Maps-iOS-8-sync-626x342Here we review all of the best apps you can have that will help you properly plan and navigate your holiday travel.


travelapp2If you are tired of being squeezed into tiny airplane seats, this app is the app you’ve been looking for. With SeatGuru you can pick your ideal seat on the plane by looking through the app’s seat map. This app will factor in a number of different variables such as window alignment, power availability, leg room, and much more. You’ll never feel cramped into the wrong seat again and getting to your holiday destination will be that much easier.

The pickiest airline passengers will always know which seats are the best because you can read reviews from other users and stay on top of which seats you do and don’t want to pick .Make your travel planning easier by download this seat tracking app here for free, at the iTunes Store.


travelapp3The worst thing about travelling is when you find out you overpaid for a flight. If that’s something you never want to experience again, you’re going to want to get in on this app. Yapta will price-track flights and alert you when there is an airfare reduction so you never have to worry about spending too much on the wrong flight.

If you do happen to overpay, you can claim a refund or get travel credit so you know your money is not going to waste. On top of tracking flights, you can also monitor hotel rates so you never have to overpay for a hotel room either. Download this amazing price tracking app here at the iTunes Store.


travelapp4This app will help you keep track on everything that has to do with flying. You can search for commercial or private flights worldwide by airline, route, or flight number. You can see which airports are the best, monitor gates and terminals, and constantly be updated on the weather. We love the feature about each airport’s “misery map,” which informs you about delayed flights and gives you updated flight times.

You’ll never have to be surprised by a flight change because FlightAware will send you automatic updates whenever something significant changes. Download this aviation app here at the ITunes Store.


travelapp5If you are driving instead of flying this holiday season, you’re going to want to get in on this app. This app can pinpoint where you are via GPS and let you know what’s in store for your next 100 upcoming exits. This way you can plan where you stop and get gas, go to the bathroom, grab a bite, or anything else you may need on your road trip. You can use this app while you’re on route or if you are prepping beforehand.

This app also comes with a favorites list so you don’t ever have to learn the hard way which stops you want to avoid. Download this awesome free planning app here at the iTunes Store.


travelapp6It’s not always easy leaving your furry friends alone for the holidays; after all, pets are family too. If you plan on travelling with a pet this season you are definitely going to want this app. BringFido will help you locate all of the pooch-friendly hotels and attractions such as dog parks, grooming, and more.

You can research the best airline and hotel policies for pets. This app also lets users rate which hotels and attractions they like the most, so you can see what the best options are for you and your pet. Get this app here, for free at the iTunes Store.

Green Globe

travelapp7Staying environmentally conscious is important when getting to your holiday destination. If you have an app like Green Globe, then doing this will be easier than ever. This app has features different hotels, resorts, attractions, and cruise lines that have sustainable standards for energy and water consumption.

This app will make your conscience feel better because you’ll know you’ve found a certified green hotel room. Make sure you lighten your carbon footprint during the holidays with this earth-friendly app here at the iTunes Store.

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