6 Best Driver Gigs Today – Start Making Money on Your Own Terms

Best Driver Gig Apps Credit: MicroOne
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At its best, the gig economy promises extra cash for the things you already do every day, like driving around town. And it’s possible to create an additional source of income by driving, as long as you find the right service that will fit into your schedule (and pay you well).

Not sure where to start? We can help with that. Here are the best apps to check out if you want to make extra money with your time. (Note that delivering food generally has a lower age threshold – 18 to 19 in most places – than ridesharing.)


Offered in 4,000 cities, Doordash has a very casual driving model that makes it extra easy to sign up and get started, even if your car has seen better days. Each order clearly shows how much you will earn (around $5 per delivery, plus tips), and there are promotions and referral bonuses that can make you extra money.

Doordash is also effective at creating extra income during busy hours or rough weather. It may be well worth checking out which app is more popular in your city, so you know which will have the most activity – and earn the most profit. Sign up here.


Postmates delivers stuff around your city. The job is simple. Pick up deliveries from one spot and deliver them to another. You get your own delivery bag and prepaid card – the card is necessary to pay for food or drinks that you are delivering on Postmate’s behalf since food is one of the most common Postmates options.

Keep all the tips that you make, and work as much as you want to, plus, like DoorDash, earn bonuses for working at exceptionally busy times.

Postmates has a great app and several advantages. It’s flexible so you can take deliveries whenever you want to, even if your time is limited. You also don’t really need a car – it’s easy to work on a bike if you wish to, and sometimes that’s even preferable. Sign up here.


Instacart is another food delivery service, but it focuses on groceries and other items people buy from stores – but prefer to have delivered to their homes or offices. That means heavier deliveries to lift and possibly more trunk and backseat space is required. Instacart says that drivers tend to average $10 per hour, but provides tips on how to increase this amount. It’s more detail-oriented work than some of the driving options, but the effort could yield better pay. Sign up here.


You may not be ready for ridesharing or have any interest in that particular model, but UberEats is a food delivery option that makes use of Uber’s networks and is a much easier gig – especially for those with limited time. And if you ever want to jump to ridesharing, doing both at the same time allows for exceptionally high bonuses. Other various promotions may apply based on your location, so there’s a lot to work with here. Again, compare it with other food delivery services in your area to see what those restaurants support and what people like to use.


Lyft is a ridesharing app with slightly better practices than Uber. That’s really all you need to know, right? If you can devote regular time to ferrying people around your city, then look into working for Lyft. It uses passenger ratings and primetime pricing, which will majorly affect your earnings, so your income will depend on when you can work, and the experience you can offer. Lyft will provide hourly ride predictions for the day if you’d like some data to make a decision. Limited bonuses are available each week, and you keep all tips. Lyft is a good option if you have significant amounts of time to devote to what usually becomes a second job.


Grubhub has spent the last few years buying up and merging every food-oriented delivery app it can find – that means Grubhub has become a common pick for many different kinds of restaurants over time, giving drivers plenty of options. Their system is also very effective, with training models, decals, warming bags (this is required), and other options that many delivery services don’t offer. You get around 50 cents per mile of delivery plus tips. Grubhub also offers a handy option to schedule ahead for blocks of time that you’ll be available to drive.

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