5 of the Best Free Charity Apps for iPhone

5 of the Best Free Charity Apps for iPhone
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With the bitter and divisive presidential election past and the holidays upon us, it’s refreshing and healthy to start thinking about giving for a change. As with many other aspects of life, technology can help you along with your philanthropy, offering a couple of convenient options for charitable giving that can make a world of difference in someone else’s life.

Whenever you feel the urge to give, you can fire up the following free apps and help feed a hungry child thousands of miles away in an instant, or pay for cleft palate surgery. Here is a roundup of apps that will help you make a difference:

1. ShareTheMeal

sharethemealIt only costs fifty cents to feed a child for a day, and a couple of dollars to provide him or her with meals for an entire week. Once you enter your payment information into this app, you can instantly donate money to the United Nations World Food Program and help them save lives. This UN developed-app will show you where your meals have gone. So far, close to 9 million meals have been served. You can even link ShareTheMeal to Facebook to convince friends to join you in sharing their meals.

The next time you order food on your phone and feel the urge to feed someone in need, you can simply open this free app and share in mere seconds

2. Charity Miles

charity-milesIf you are a health and fitness fanatic, this app provides an amazing way for you to track how many miles you’ve covered during your workout and give to charity. The best part is that you don’t need to pay any money yourself. For every mile you jog, walk, or bike, Charity Miles earns money for its charity partners through brand workout sponsors like Chobani, Johnson & Johnson, and Humana.

So far, the miles covered by Charity Miles users have helped raise over $2 million for 40 different charities, including The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Autism Speaks, and the World Wildlife Fund. It’s available for free on iOS.

3. Donate a Photo

donate-a-photoMake your powerful iPhone 7 Plus camera a force for good. Like Charity Miles, this app raises money on behalf of charities through a sponsor. Donate a Photo is a free donation app, developed and funded by Johnson & Johnson. All you have to do to raise $1 for charity is take a photo with your mobile device and share it through the app. Once you do, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a charity of your choice

The charities you can choose from include Save the Children, which helps newborns breathe, and Girl Up, which donates school supplies to girls in Guatemala. You can share up to one photo a day, and by sharing your activity on social media, you can inspire your friends to give as well. It’s available for free on iOS.

4. Budge

budgeThis app is for all of you who are competitive and enjoy making bets with your friends. Budge is a charitable app with a social and competitive twist to it. You challenge a friend to a competition, whether it’s a race or a game of chess. The loser has to make a small donation to a good cause through the app, which has partnered with a range of charities.

The app features simple-to-use challenge creation and a news feed so you can follow your friends’ activities. Budge is available for free here.

5. Tinbox

tinboxHere’s another great app that lets you donate to charity without charging you a dime. All it takes is a few taps, something you can achieve while you’re in your Uber ride. Tinbox lets you team up with corporate sponsors to send $1 to a charitable project of your choice. All you have to do donate is tap on a sponsor and read about the company’s goals, which you can do in about 20 seconds.

After that, the company will notify you that it’s sent a dollar to a specific cause or project as opposed to simply naming the philanthropic organization – whether it’s funding a new hospital bed or meals for a food bank. It’s available here at no cost to you.

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