5 Innovative Apps to Automate Your Busy Life

5 Innovative Apps to Automate Your Busy Life
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With today’s technology there’s no excuse for not having at least a few parts of your life automated for you. By having apps automate your life, you can save precious time and energy that would otherwise be spent on menial tasks.

Check out the best easy-to-use apps to help streamline your life and get back some of that well deserved downtime.

1. Workflow


Staying productive in the workplace can be difficult to sustain all the time. That’s where apps like Workflow come in handy. Workflow is a personal automation tool that will help you create a number of helpful combinations on your iPhone or iPad.

You can use this app to do over 200 commands ranging from making animated gifs to getting directions to your nearest coffee shop. You can efficiently manage your calendars, social media accounts, music, photos, or contacts. You can make PDFs straight from Safari and save any images you want on a webpage. This app is a of jack-of-all-trades tool that will help anyone maintain a high level of productivity. Download this productivity app for $2.99 here at the iTunes Store.

2. EatThisMuch


This app will help you manage your diet and eating habits to align with your weight loss and health goals. EatThisMuch will automatically create a diet plan and grocery list that will let you know exactly what to get at the store. Just put in what type of food you like, your budget, and what your schedule looks like and the app will automatically generate a complete meal plan to meet whatever your goals are.

This app is similar to having a personal diet assistant, so you don’t have to worry about the details that involve eating clean. This app takes the anxiety out of picking what to eat and staying in line with a specific diet goal, not to mention reduced food waste. Download this app here for free at the iTunes Store.

3. Clean


Does having a messy desktop screen just drive you crazy? If you can’t stand the idea of a bunch of random files open on your desktop, you might want to consider this app. Clean is the one-stop-shop that will take care of the digital clutter on your desktop without you putting any effort at all.

This app is an amazing utility that will automatically clean up your Mac’s desktop once and day. This app will organize your files without deleting things, just in case you find that these files are relevant later on. You can have Clean organize your desktop daily or weekly depending on how fast you accumulate files on your desktop. Download this app here for free at the Mac App Store.

4. Do


For home life and hobby management you are going to want to download Do by IFTT. Do will create a button that will make a shortcut to all of the things you do most often.

For example, you can connect this app to home automation devices such as Nest Thermostats or Phillips Hue Lighting system to turn your lights on and off from your iPhone. You can use this app to email your roommates to let them know you are at the grocery store, track your work hours through Google Drive spreadsheets, or even Slack your coworker to see if they want some coffee.

This app will take care of so many aspects of your life, you’ll wonder why you didn’t download it sooner. Download this app here for free at the iTunes Store.

5. Launch Center Pro


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an app that would automatically open websites and apps you need at a certain times of the day? Well such an app exists, and it is called Launch Center Pro. This app will launch a website or apps to complete certain tasks with the flick of your thumb.

For example, you can open up the mail app with a subject and body already filled so it is ready to send. You can also search the nearest coffee shop locations, go straight to the camera in Instagram, or create shortcuts for Safari all with the simple tap of your finger. This app is basically like speed-dial for everyday tasks. There are countless possibilities for making your life easier; you just need to play around with it. This app is a bit pricier than the other apps at $4.99; however it’s worth it once you set everything up. Download this app here at the iTunes Store.

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