5 Ingenious iPhone Apps You Can’t Miss

5 Ingenious iPhone Apps You Can't Miss
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Every day, more and more ingenious apps hit the iTunes Store, promising to make every iOS user’s life easier, productive, or more fun.

As always, we are here to narrow down the hidden gems that you may not always have time to find. If you are addicted to having the newest and coolest apps, then don’t miss these five amazing apps below.


1. Anchor


If you love podcasting but wish they could be more socially engaging and proactive then you are going to love this app. Anchor is a podcasting app that has a social networking twist. With this app, users upload and share short audio clips so other users can listen or respond. Yes, you can actually interact with any type of podcast you want by submitting an audio clip of your opinion.

Not surprisingly, this can lead to some extremely stimulating conversations that you can jump in on or be a bystander on the side. You also have the option to share these conversations to different platforms, as well as put these recordings on other websites. Get Anchor for free here at the iTunes Store.

2. Fetch


Dog Lovers and canine experts will love this app. Fetch was created by Microsoft to test the recognition of dog breeds based on photos. All you need to do is take a picture or upload an old picture of a dog breed you want to identify and the app will do so. Fetch will also be able to tell you how accurate their prediction is based on the quality of the image you have uploaded.

Have you ever been curious about what type of dog you look like? Another cool aspect in the beta version of the app is the “fun” mode that will let you know which breed of dog you or anyone else looks like if you upload a few selfies. Download Fetch for free here at the iTunes Store.

3. Quartz


If you want to start being more informed about the news, this may be revolutionary in getting you engaged. Reading the news with Quartz will be more like a conversation than just looking up headlines and delving into articles. You just need to launch the app and it will give you some of the biggest stories of the day in short conversational bursts.

You actually get a messaging like update with the app that will give you a summary of the news headline. This also comes with emojis and GIFs. After each story of the news is given to you, you can decide if you want to hear more details about a certain story or keep going. We love this app for its innovative ways for involving the user in the news, making sure you never miss a major headline again. Download this app here for free at the iTunes Story.

4. Serato Pyro


Unless you are a professional DJ, getting the right playlist flow can be tricky. Thank god for special music apps that will do almost all the work for you. Serato Pyro is the latest DJ/music app that will pull all the songs from your iPhone as well your Spotify and make playlists so they sound like purposefully made mixes. These playlist include transitions that sound professional as well as expertly mixed genres of music that sounds perfectly blended together.

The app will also let you look at the various tempos of all your music so you can see which songs will work best together, helping you plan your playlist the right way. This app is perfect for getting the mood right for a party or for those who just want to learn the mechanics of mixing music. Get the music flowing by downloading the app here for free at the iTunes Store.

5. Vivino


For all of the avid wine drinker out there, this app is for you. You can learn a lot about the different types of wines you have or are into with this sommelier-type app. Just photograph the bottle label and get a range of reviews, different rankings, and prices. You can also look up wine by names while you are on the go in case you had a question about the wine you were going to drink with dinner.

You even have the option to rank wine yourself once you become more skilled in your wine-tasting experiences. For those who love to learn and teach about wine all over the world, Vivino is the app you want. Download it here for free at the iTunes Store.

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