5 Great Apps That Take Full Advantage of Touch ID

5 Great Apps That Take Full Advantage of Touch ID

When it was first introduced as a key feature embedded into the home button of the iPhone 5s, Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor completely changed the way that users interact with their iPhones on a daily basis.


Brought to you in part by Cupertino’s 2011 acquisition of AuthenTec, Touch ID can actually “sense” your fingerprint the second you lay it upon the home button, providing convenience when performing everyday tasks, and allowing users to avoid the added swiping motion that was for long associated with rival fingerprint scanning technologies like those originally brought to the market by Samsung. Ultimately Samsung would ditch those fingerprint scanners, following Apple’s lead and introducing a similar technology.

Aside from unlocking your device, Touch ID allows users to make purchases through their registered iTunes account, as opposed to having to manually enter their iCloud login information every time. Above and beyond that, Touch ID can also do much, much more. Utilize some of these cool applications that take the advantage of Touch ID.

1. 1Password1

Apple touts that Touch ID is primarily about security, and so, if you happen to be thinking about a must-have security app, look no further than 1Password. It’s by far one of the best password and secure storage lockers available on the AppStore, and keeps all of your hard-to-remember passwords handy by acting as a password generator with Touch ID support.

2. GoodReader2

One of the most robust and powerful document management and productivity apps for iOS, GoodReader also supports secure access and editing via Touch ID. If you just so happen to be in the market for a ground-breakingly versatile, digital file manager, editing, and sharing platform, GoodReader is certainly a viable solution for you. GoodReader is available here for $4.99

3. Mint3

The long revered money manager application, Mint, has officially hopped on the Touch ID bandwagon, providing users a safe and secure way to access budgeting tools without having to key in passwords all the time.

4. Robinhood4

Sure, paying commission on stock trades is no big deal if you’re investing the big bucks. But if you’re a small time trader, or simply testing the waters out of sheer curiosity, minimizing your commission expenses would be quite desirable, right?

With that being said, check out Robinhood, which offers free trading for self-directed investors, and is tailored for mobile device usage. You can even view quotes in real-time, place market, limit, stop loss, stop limit, and good till canceled orders.

5. Amazon5

Amazon is one of the world’s greatest marketplaces for all your wants and needs. Purchasing from Amazon was already simple on your computer but now it’s even easier to authorize a purchase on your iPhone or iPad. The One-Click ordering feature, working together with Touch ID, makes buying online faster than ever.

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