5 Essential Apps to Maximize Productivity on iPhone

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One of the best ways to customize your iPhone experience is by downloading apps. From games, to photos, to social media, there are plenty of apps available through the App Store that can help enhance your smartphone experience. Here are a few apps that will help you organize your life and become more productive when using your iPhone.

1. Need a great email client? Try Spark

The standard Mail app on your iPhone works just fine…but what if you want something more involved and unique? Spark will do the trick. Spark was voted the “Best of the App Store 2015”, and for good reason.


The email client created by Readdle helps users gain control of their inbox again through an easy, smart, and fast interface. Users can address emails with simple swiping gestures, or even tap for quick replies. All within a smart inbox that can easily search for emails and even determine whether incoming mail is personal, a notification, or a newsletter.

Download Spark here.

2. Need help with your to-do list? Try Any.do

Reminders on your iPhone is good for quick reminders based on date, time, or place. But if you’re looking for something more inclusive, Any.do will help you out tremendously.


Touted as a “must have app” by the NY Times and TechCrunch, Any.do is a cloud-enabled to-do list that pushes you reminders, allows you to collaborate with others, add attachments to items, and so much more. Plus, its clean design and user-friendly interface make it easy to tackle your daunting to-do list.

Download Any.do here.

3. Need to save an article for later? Try Pocket

Reading articles on your smartphone can be tough, especially with all of the popup notifications and clutter that generally keeps you distracted.


With Pocket, users can save articles to read later on in an easy-to-read layout (customizable to match your reading style) that can be accessed from your device, other devices, and even your desktop. Plus, the app comes with unlimited storage, tags for organization, and even stories recommended for you.

Download Pocket here.

4. Frequent note-taker? Try Letterspace

Although Apple has made some nice additions to the Notes function, some users need more. While Evernote is widely popular, another great option is Letterspace.


Approved by both Business Insider and Macworld, Letterspace is a cool way to write, edit, and search your notes. You can add mentions and hashtags to your notes, plus full-text search makes locating the right word or sentence easy. It also utilizes iCloud to sync notes and documents across devices.

Download Letterspace here.

5. Need ample online storage? Try OneDrive

If you need or want something other than Dropbox, then OneDrive from Microsoft is a great, free option. With 5 GB of included storage, OneDrive lets you save documents, photos, videos and more across your devices and computers (PC or Mac).


OneDrive also lets you share your documents, and notifies you when a shared document has been edited. Plus, the app also allows you to save and access your files offline for ease of use.

Download OneDrive here.

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