5 Entertaining and Educational Apple TV Apps for Kids

5 Entertaining and Educational Apple TV Apps for Kids
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The new Apple TV brings updated features and exciting new apps to the TV screen.

Now several popular apps for the iPhone are available for the Apple TV. While it’s a device that allows you to do all kinds of things that adults like, we can’t forget about the children! Here is a list of 5 great apps, suitable for kids, available on the new Apple TV.


1. WATCH Disney Apps

WATCH Disney AppsWATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney XD, and WATCH Disney Junior have been updated for the new Apple TV app store. You can watch full episodes from any of those networks right from each app or viewers can watch live feeds if they authenticate their apps. ABC will soon have a WATCH app for their TV programing as well. I remember watching Disney movies as a kid, before the Disney channel, and if the kids like Disney half as much as I did, they will absolutely love to watch classic movies and all of the new content from Disney on the new Apple TV.

2. Rayman Adventures

Rayman AdventuresRayman is an animal-like character who must rescue his fuzzy companions, the Incrediballs, which are trapped in each stage. It’s a side-scrolling platformer, which means it’s two-dimensional and is based on the old-school games like Mario. Lisa Eadicicco from Time, says the controls have a bit of a learning curve on the Apple TV, but feel smooth. Just tap on the touchpad to jump, and swipe forward to attack. This addictive game, with a beautiful artistic style, is a winner for imaginative kids of all ages.

3. Star Walk Kids – Explore Space & Planets

Star Walk Kids – Explore Space & PlanetsThis app offers an introduction to astronomy using a person’s location and a gyroscope to show the night sky above the person’s location. It identifies objects in the night sky and elaborates on them. Sandra Fleming from Best Apps for Kids, rates it highly at 4.5 out of 5 stars and describes the app as a wonderful adventure into science and culture of the nighttime sky. She believes it will encourage interest in astronomy and allow families the opportunity to explore the beauty of the night together.

4. Sago Mini Fairy Tales

Sago Mini Fairy TalesDesigned for kids 2-4, a child can explore an enchanted forest with Jinja the cat. It’s a fairy tale themed game, with a cartoon feel, that also allows children to be creative. Toddlers can create their own stories and discover many fun animations, like flying and dancing. This fantastic app is new to Apple TV, but not to iPhone and iPad. It’s highly rated on the iTunes store for the iPhone, and we expect no different from the Apple TV edition.

5. Math Tables Mania – Multiplications and Divisions

screen800x500Another app ported from iPhone and iPad for the new Apple TV, Math Tables Mania, helps kids learn basic mathematics concepts in a fun and easy way. The interface is “child friendly” helping them to play without an adult’s assistance. They just have to tap and move numbers into place. It sounds like a great way to allow kids to learn math all on their own.

The new Apple TV is a significant improvement from the last model. Many parents are likely to have one in the living room, and kids are going to want to use it as much as the adults do. That’s why it’s nice that there are several kid-friendly apps available right now, too keep every member of the family entertained, educated, and happy. I’ve covered just a few of the many popular apps for kids on Apple TV, but there are many more to discover!

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