5 Apps to Help You Become a Morning Person

5 Apps to Help You Become a Morning Person
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Let’s face it; getting up in the morning for work can be hard. Although most people agree their lives would be easier if they were a morning person, it’s not always easy to achieve this goal. At least there are apps that can help you get out of bed and start your morning right.


Here we review the top five apps that will help you sleep better and be more productive in starting your day.

1. SleepCycle


The first thing you need to do to ensure an easy morning is to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Luckily, a lot of apps have come a long way in their technology for tracking sleep patterns. SleepCycle is one of our favorites since it can very accurately track your sleep patterns and wake you up when your sleep cycle is the lightest.

All you have to do is place your iPhone under your bed and SleepCycle’s technology can track sleep quality and REM cycles based on your movements throughout the night. SleepCycle’s Alarm will then wake you up during your lightest sleep phases within a predefined 30-minute window. You can now wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day! Download SleepCycle for $1.00 here at the iTunes Store.

2. SnoreLab


Are you someone that snores a lot? This can actually be an indication of poor sleep quality. Maybe your partner is snoring loudly and interfering with your sleep patterns. SnoreLab will record your snoring so you can listen the next day to prove to yourself (or your partner) that the snoring is occurring and needs to be addressed.

Simply put SnoreLab running on your iPhone next to your bed while you are sleeping. In the morning, you can see how loudly you are snoring and SnoreLab will suggest some snoring remedies. SnoreLab also integrated with Apple’s Health App on your iDevice and can submit your data and analyze it along with weight and other health factors. This app is a must-have for those who want to take charge of their snoring and actively find solutions. SnoreLab can be purchased for $5.00 here at the iTunes Store.

3. iCukoo


We all hit the snooze button every now and then when trying to get up a little too early for work. This could’ve been considered a bad thing in the past, however now there is an alarm that will help you contribute to charity when you decide to hit the snooze. iCukoo will donate money to a charity of your choice every time you hit the snooze button.

Simply set the alarm, select the charity you want to donate money to, and decide in advance how much each snooze is worth. If you snooze the alarm in the morning, the app will take note of this. Once your snoozes have added up to a certain amount, it will prompt you with a text asking if you want to donate that amount of keep letting the snoozes accrue more money. A great way to make use of those mornings when waking up is harder than usual! Download iCukoo here for free at the iTunes Store.

4. Morning


One way to start your day easier is by having everything you need prepared right in front of you when you need it. This app is designed to make your morning routine easier than ever. This app will help you keep track of time; stay updated on the news, check your calendar, and much more.

There are eight available panels; weather, task reminders, commute and traffic updates, news articles, Calendar reminders, Stock updates, important event countdowns, as well date and time. You can customize each panel to your specific needs in addition to picking fun themes for your iPhone or iPad. Staying organized has never been easier with this all-in-one morning app. Download this app here for $0.99 at the iTunes Store.

5. Carrot Weather


When getting dressed in the morning, it’s essential that you know the weather. Carrot Weather is an iOS Weather app that adds some fun to your weather routine. This app is extremely accurate and adds hilarious notes to all your weather forecasts. Carrot Weather can predict snow or rain right down to the minute so you’ll never be surprised.

There are also secret locations to unlock if you are lucky, making you WANT to look at the weather in the morning time. You also have the ability to look at weather as far as 10 years in the future (neat!). Download this aesthetically pleasing weather app for $3.99 here at the iTunes Store.

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