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3 Must-Have Apps for Trying, Buying, and Brewing Craft Beer

3 Must-Have Apps for Trying, Buying, and Brewing Craft Beer
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“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Although Benjamin Franklin never actually said this (he did say something similar about wine), it’s still absolutely true. Humans have been enjoying beer for over 7,000 years. And like nearly everything else, beer and the beer drinking experience has taken great strides since humans took their first sip.

There are plenty of apps out there designed to help you get the most out of each beer (for adults 21+ only). Here are three of our favorites.

3. Untappd

Possibly the largest alcohol-related app on the market, Untappd is essentially a social network for beer lovers. There are plenty of features for Untappd users – they can find nearby craft beers and the watering holes that serve them, receive personalized beer recommendations based on their preferences, and create a “wish list” of beers they’d like to try in the future. However, the strength of Untappd lies in the social aspect – users can check in at breweries and see what and where their friends are drinking, they can rate and share the brew that they’re currently drinking, and they can earn “badge” rewards for sampling different styles of beer and checking in at different

Get Untappd here.

2. Drizly

Beer makes almost everything better. A perfect beer pairing with a steak, burger, or even chicken wings is sure to improve your dining experience. However, one thing that beer certainly doesn’t pair well with is driving. So what’s one to do after he drinks his/her last pint as is thirsting for more? Open their Drizly app, of course. Drizly users can have beer, wine, and liquor delivered to their door in as little as one hour from local participating liquor stores. The best part – there’s no mark-up! Orders are packed and delivered for the same price as they would be if bought in the liquor store. At the moment, this promising app is only available in select cities – Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Calgary, Dallas, Denver, Edmonton, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York City, Providence, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, South Florida, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Washington DC, and Worcester. With an app this promising, however, more cities are sure to participate in the very near future.

Get Drizly here.

1. iBrewMaster 2

For some people, drinking beer is not enough. Some want to tap into their creative side and become a part of the brewing process. For those that want to brew at home, iBrewMaster is an incredible tool. Users can brew from over 600 pre-installed recipes, or add, edit, and manage their own, all the while tracking your beer’s progress as it brews. The app automatically calculates the original and final gravities, alcohol content, and IBU’s for each beer, and users can record them for each recipe. iBrewMaster 2 even comes with several handy calculators for different brewing applications, an inventory manager, and more. Every home brewer should certainly add this app to their toolkit.

Get iBrewMaster 2 here.

What are your favorite apps for trying, buying, or brewing beer?
Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image: Pixelbrew Studios

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