These Insane Battery Packs Can Handle Any Summer Adventure

Best Battery Packs for Summer Credit: NTONPOWER
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As summer rapidly approaches, so does the call of the wild. Millions expect to go into nature for fun in the sun, whether that’s hiking, camping, going to the beach or something else. But nature’s downside is that electricity can be hard to come by. Unfortunately, we can’t plug into a tree to charge our iPhones, Apple Watches, and MacBooks. Thankfully, there’s a variety of adventurous portable battery packs available to use anywhere. Here are some of our favorites.

NTONPOWER Portable Power Station

Nton Power Battery

Camping requires being ready for anything nature might have in store for you. And your battery pack needs an exterior that is tough enough to handle the grit of the outdoors and can hold enough juice to keep a bunch of devices charged. According to the company, this massive 155Wh (45,000mAh) generator can charge a smartphone 15 times, a laptop three times, or a GoPro up to 30 times in one sitting. That’s more than enough to get you through your week-long camping trip.

The NTONPOWER also comes with an AC outlet in case you need to use a traditional device, a DC port for things like car accessories or RC drones, and an LED light for use during emergencies. It also has a Battery Management System that allows the user to manage the battery’s voltage and temperature. You can get the NTONPOWER for $139.99. There’s also an even more powerful 222Wh/60kmAh model available for $169.99.

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Skullcandy Stash Fuel Wireless Battery Pack 

Skullcandy Battery

While batteries typically appear grey and drab, some companies have decided to give them a sense of personality. The Skull Candy Stash Fuel is no exception. Coated in a deep red polymer to protect the cell within, the Stash Fuel holds 10,000mAh, which could charge an iPhone 11 0-100% capacity more than three times. It’s also IP55 sweat, water, and dust resistant. Get it here for $69.98.

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GO-TOUGH Power Bank with LED Flashlight

Go Tough Battery

Outdoor equipment needs to be robust and powerful, able to take a tumble or two without breaking. That is exactly what the GO-TOUGH battery offers. This dirt-proof, drop-proof, and IP65 waterproof battery provides a 5,000 mAh storage capacity and an LED flashlight with a handy SOS blinking signal feature for dire circumstances. Get it for just $39.99.

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AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger


Some people might not be comfortable lugging around an additional battery in their bag or pocket but are still worried about possibly running out of juice. One great option is the AtomXS 3+ Emergency Keychain. It holds 1,300 mAh, which is enough to keep your iPhone alive for hours. It offers around three additional hours of charging time, making it the perfect accessory for a long day trip without a power outlet. You can get an AtomXS for $39.99, here.

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Panergy Wireless Power Bank


Cables can be annoying, and in many cases, have become entirely unnecessary. Many portable batteries have eliminated the need for cords altogether, utilizing Qi wireless charging that’s also found in newer iPhones. This portable wireless power bank offers a massive 25,000mAh/92.5Wh capacity and also features a display, so you can see exactly how much battery power remains. But don’t worry, it also features cables to charge the rest of your non-Qi devices. You can get this wireless battery pack for just $31.99, here.

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