8 Cool New Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Papago S37 Dash Cam Credit: Papago!
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Technology is constantly evolving and with each new day comes a new gadget to make your life a little easier, a lot more enjoyable, and sometimes safer. Some gadgets are certainly more useful than others, however you’ll never know how beneficial one can be until you try it out for yourself. With that being said, we’ve curated eight cool new gadgets you didn’t know you needed (until now).

8 Sandman Device Charging Clock

Sandman Clock

This auto-dimming minimalist alarm clock not only looks nice, but it’s incredibly functional too.

The Sandman Clock features four built-in USB ports to charge all of your devices. No more fussing with AC to USB adapters, no more searching for an open outlet; just plug your USB charging cables directly into the back of this clock and get to sleep.

It also has a snooze button and a battery backup to ensure you wake up on time even if the power goes out. It works in both 12-hour and 24-hour time modes, features a large easy-to-read display, and even dims when you’re ready to call it a night.

Sandman Clock1

Sandman Device Charging Clock

“With four integrated USB ports and a cable management system, this innovative clock allows you to charge all of your devices overnight without worrying about any clutter.”


7 ShutterGrip iPhone Camera Controller

Shuttergrip Smartphone Camera Controller

The iPhone takes fantastic photos, but it’s not always easy to achieve that steady shot in landscape mode. The ShutterGrip seeks to fix this problem.

This contoured non-slip grip positions your iPhone like a traditional camera to take those perfect shots. It features a wireless shutter button, a tripod screw, and a lanyard (included).

It’s adjustable too, so whether you have an iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone X, or any variation in between, you can be assured your phone will be compatible.

Shuttergrip 1

ShutterGrip iPhone Camera Controller

“It uses a tensioned grip to attach to almost any smartphone—with or without case—and provides a sturdy, ergonomic handle and wireless shutter button.”


6 GoSafe Dash Cam with 1080p Sony Exmor Sensor

Gosafe S37 1080p Hd Sony Exmor Sensor Dash Cam

Crazy things happen on the road and people who are able to capture those moments on camera are always better off. Whether you spot Bigfoot, a UFO, or you’re the victim of a car accident – having video footage is going to make or break your case.

This dash cam uses the Sony Exmor sensor which allows it to record crisp 1080p HD video. It also features adjustable exposure values to capture the best possible video footage.

Even better yet, the ultra wide-angle lens allows for an impressive 140º field of vision.

Other features include a front collision warning system, stop sign recognition, driver fatigue warning, headlight reminder, and a built-in G-sensor that will automatically save recordings in the event of a collision.

Dash Cam

GoSafe Dash Cam with 1080p Sony Exmor Sensor

“With a variety of built-in recording modes, this dash cam will work for whatever purpose you need and ensures you always have a video insurance policy. ”


5 Ghost Indoor HDTV Antenna

Indoor Hdtv Antenna

Cord-cutters know all of the latest tricks to ditch cable and ultimately save money. Indoor HDTV antennas allow you to watch the news, catch up on sitcoms, or view the game’s score without paying a fee.

This HD antenna can be hidden from view, but it also features a black side and a white side, so if it must be in plain view you can flip it to better match your walls or furniture. And it picks up signals in HD, so you’ll know you’re getting the best possible picture quality (for free).

Hdtv Antenna

Ghost Indoor HDTV Antenna

“Catch up on the latest episode of your favorite show when it airs, without racking up monthly fees. ”


4 Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table

Furniqi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table

This beautiful bamboo table isn’t just pretty to look at, it will charge your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or iPhone X too. Keep it near your front door, bed, or beside your living room couch and forget fussing with cables. And don’t worry, the electronics have been isolated so the table’s Qi charging bits are resistant to water damage from drinks.

Wireless charging pads are wonderful, but now you can step it up with wireless charging furniture.


Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table

“This simple table works well as a night stand or living room table and, best of all, it will wirelessly charge your Qi-compatible phone just by setting it down.”


3 FenSens Smart License Plate Frame

Fensens Smart License Plate Frame

Classic cars are nothing to scoff at. Many of them are relics of the past, or at the very least hold a lot of sentimental value. But of course, older cars aren’t equipped with backup cameras or parking sensors – features which are quickly becoming standard and even mandated by law on new vehicles.

Get the best of both worlds – enjoy your older car and park easier with this intelligent license plate frame. It works by sending audio, haptic, and visual alerts to let you know when you’re too close to another vehicle or object. It’s weather resistant and has anti-theft features to ensure the device’s longevity.


FenSens Smart License Plate Frame

“This license plate-based smart wireless parking sensor installs on any car and alerts you when you’re getting too close to objects so you know when to stop.”


2 Zmodo Pivot 1080p All-in-One Wireless Security Camera

Zmodo Pivot 1080p Wireless All In One Security Camera System

Home break-ins aren’t a myth, and these unfortunate events happen to real people every day.

Nothing will set you into a panic attack faster than coming home and noticing your furniture and items have been moved mysteriously. Some might even be missing. The possibilities are endless and so are the questions running through your mind. Who committed this crime? How long were they in the house? Are they still here? If you don’t have video surveillance there might never be proof or peace of mind.

This camera rotates and gives a complete 360-degree high-definition view of whichever room you place it in. It also acts as a security hub for window sensors and door sensors. With this camera, you can even speak through the app. It pushes the audio through its built in speaker (which comes in handy to chat with your animals while you’re away). Keep an eye on your pets or ensure your home is free of intruders with this HD security camera.


Zmodo Pivot 1080p Security Hub

“The Pivot is the all-in-one smart HD camera that not only gives you a complete, 360º HD view of any room, but also acts as a hub for connecting other smart devices, like doors and window sensors.”


1 iKlips DUO+ Dual Interface Flash Drive

Iklips Duo Dual Interface Flash Drive

Not every one likes their data in the cloud. Keep your data on a physical device and in your hands with the iKlips Duo+.

It features a Lightning connector and a USB connector for direct access to your iPhone and computer, making file transfers between them a breeze.

Its keychain design means you’ll never be without it either (as long as you don’t lose your keys of course).

The iKlips app has added functionality too. With it you can backup your entire device and save files from the web directly to your iKlips Duo+ (even YouTube videos).


iKlips DUO+ Dual Interface Flash Drive

“Made for Apple devices, but compatible with PC as well, this powerful dual-interface Lightning and USB 3.1 drive will revolutionize the way you manage data between devices.”

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