7 Cool and ‘Unusual’ iPhone Accessories Everyone Should Own

Pakpod Tripod Credit: Pakpod
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iPhone users tend to have at least a couple of accessories, even that includes just a phone case and maybe an extra charging cable. But there are so many other accessory options out there to solve everyday problems – and many people don’t know they exist or haven’t considered buying them.

Whether you’re missing out on the ideal accessory or you’re shopping for friends who have iPhones, this list is worth your time. Here are seven cool and unusual iPhone accessories you should know about.

A Portable Outlet Battery

A portable charger is an excellent addition to any iPhone. Still, they can be a bit limited, and may only be useful in very particular circumstances (if you can find where you put them). This battery pack, on the other hand, offers a lot more usability for your phone and accessories – no matter how you want to use it. It includes a USB-C port, two USB-A ports, and yes, an AC outlet, so you have all the charging versatility your modern life requires. It makes a great camping device, but you can also keep it on your desk and use it every day to get maximum value from the charger. Get it here.

A Rugged Tripod

Pakpod Tripod

iPhone tripods are incredibly useful if you take photos or videos on your iPhone at any kind of frequency. A good tripod can be attached to all sorts of surfaces or bars, allowing you to find the perfect angle and stability. Our suggestion for the outdoors-oriented is the Pakpod, but don’t let its robotic appearance fool you! This tripod weighs less than a pound and folds up into nearly nothing, but it’s also incredibly rugged and waterproof, able to help out on mountaintops as well as underwater reefs. It has 36 total rigging points for even minute adjustments, a boon to serious photographers and vloggers who need professional shots in challenging locations. Oh, and you can fit a variety of devices on it, including DSLR cameras, iPhones, GoPros, and anything else you need. Get it here.

Touchscreen Gloves

Knit Touchscreen Gloves

In the colder months, gloves will keep your fingers warm, but prevent them from forming the electrical bond that makes touchscreens work. These affordable gloves, on the other hand, include conductive materials that allow you to operate your iPhone even while the gloves are on. Of course, you won’t be quite as accurate, but they’re the ideal option for performing essential functions in cold weather. Get them here.

iPhone Dongles and Adapters

Dongle Bundle

iPhone cables can be a little limited. This cable kit gives you extra options that you may need more than you thought. That includes a Lightning cable to headphone jack adapter, a Lightning to USB-C cable, and a standard Lightning cable – all certified by Apple so you don’t have to worry about poor quality or incompatibility. If you have a variety of accessories and no adapters for your iPhone, this package is worth considering, especially at only $20. Get them here.

Rotating Phone Stand for Your Car

Phone Stand

We use our phones for navigation, controlling our music, checking traffic, collaborating with peers during long commutes, and more; so they get a lot of use in the car. Isn’t it best that they have their own special place? If you don’t already have an iPhone stand for your car, we suggest this model. It’s simple and easy to install, but also adjustable so you can get just the angle you want without obstructing your view in any way. At only $13, it’s certainly worth picking up. Get it here.

An iPhone Armband/Key Holder

Iphone Armband

Is your iPhone a good workout companion? From fitness apps to music that pumps you up, more people are partnering with their phones for workouts than ever before (newer treadmills always come with smartphone features, for example). But when going for a run or jog, there’s not a great place to put your iPhone so that it’s not uncomfortable or at risk of falling out. This armband helps fix that issue by providing a secure storage place for your phone, that’s also near your ears in case you’re using wired earphones. A cable clasp and even a key holder are also included. Get it here.

Blue Light Filter/Screen Protectors

Maxboost Filters

iPhones do have a native function, called Night Shift, which reduces blue light from the screen. But this mode is primarily designed to be used, well, at night, where light in the blue part of the spectrum can disrupt sleep patterns and be hard on the eyes (blue light is an important component of daylight, which you can tell by looking up at the sky). But if you are particularly sensitive to blue light or want a more direct means of filtering it out, these blue light filters will solve your problems. They also double as screen protectors, an excellent way to protect your iPhone screen from all sorts of damage. Get them here.

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