For Your Consideration: Apple Fan Designs Detailed LEGO Apple Store Kit

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While it may never be released to the public, LEGO’s “Ideas” website, which allows fans to submit mockups they’ve designed or suggestions for future LEGO sets, is currently featuring a detailed Apple Store that’s sure to catch the eye of any LEGO or Apple enthusiast.

The LEGO Apple Store isn’t designed to resemble any specific store location, but it still makes use of design elements from several real-life retail locations. The mockup includes an all-glass facade, a giant Apple logo on the front and the roof, a second level that can be reached by stairs, and tiny LEGO figures staffing the location wearing iconic blue Apple t-shirts.

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LEGO Apple Store 1

Inside the store, there are several display tables for iPhones and Macs, a headphone section, shelves full of products, and more. Indoor ficus trees in white pots are present and accounted for, just as they are in several real-life retail locations.

  • This model is not based on any one specific Apple store location. Instead, it is uniquely designed after observing the features and style shared by many iconic store locations.
  • The building features tall glass walls around the front and two sides.
  • The huge apple logo shines in white, placed front and center. These are features seen in most Apple stores, contributing to the consistent aesthetics of these locations.
  • Black border “door frames” indicates the entrances.
  • Inside, clean space with friendly staff members in blue t-shirts.
  • The long wooden tables showcasing the latest iPhoneiMac and MacBook.
  • On the shelves, white product packages and headphones (arranged in a floral pattern, seen in many store locations).
  • On the right, indoor Ficus trees in white pot with nougat brim (seen in many real-life store locations).
  • On the left, stairs crossing the boundary of indoor/ outdoor spaces.
  • Upstairs, a display table for colorful Apple Watch, more staff helpers, and a beautiful color gradient screen as backdrop. Many store locations feature similar large display on white wall backgrounds.

I won’t spoil the model’s surprise easter eggs; you can learn about those for yourself by clicking the Support button. Let’s just say that if certain parts of the model are removed, you’ll find homages to several iconic Apple products from over the years, representing the well-known brand’s past, present, and future.

The LEGO Apple Store could be made available in kit form, but only if the store gets 10,000 “supporters” or votes on the LEGO Ideas site. If that happens, LEGO will review the store and will consider offering it as an official retail LEGO set.

LEGO Apple Store 3

If the LEGO Apple Store kit is put into mass production, it would have the following dimensions:

  • Length: 41 cm / 16.1”
  • Width: 25.6 cm / 10.1”
  • Height: 15.8 cm / 6.2”
  • Part count: 1539

Submissions are evaluated based on existing products, products that are already in development, expected demand, licensing possibilities, brand fit, build quality, and more.

The set was designed by Legotruman, who has submitted several LEGO ideas that have been reviewed by LEGO staff. The user was also responsible for the Starry Night LEGO set that is currently available for sale.

At the time of this article, the LEGO Apple Store Kit has nearly 2,700 supporters and has 599 days left to reach the required 10,000 supporters. If you’d like to see this become a real product, you can head over to the LEGO Ideas – Apple Store page and add your vote by signing up for a free account.

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