Watch an iPhone 7 Fly into Space and Return Unharmed

Watch an iPhone 7 Fly into Space and Return Unharmed
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Urban Armor Gear manufactures and sells rugged, lightweight cases for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and a number of other mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Their cases boast “military grade drop & shock protection” – and a recent promotional video put out by the company proves their claims to be true.

On November 28th, 2014, Urban Armor Gear sent a brand-new iPhone 6 into space, strapped to a flight rig with a GPS locator and two GoPro cameras, and protected by one of Urban Armor Gear’s composite cases. The flight rig reached an altitude of 101,000 feet and endured temperatures of -79°. After reaching maximum altitude, the flight rig and iPhone 6 endured a free fall until a parachute was deployed during the final part of the descent. Although the phone froze and shut down due to the extreme temperatures, the iPhone powered on and was fully functional after it hit the ground.

The 2014 video proved to be quite popular, reaching over 3,000,000 views on YouTube. Last December, Urban Armor Gear upped the ante, sending a brand new iPhone 7, protected with Urban Armor Gear’s “Monarch” case, into space yet again. This time, the iPhone reached an altitude of 120,027 feet before the weather balloon it was attached to burst, sending the phone once again into a free fall before a parachute is deployed. And again, the phone endured the most extreme conditions and came out unscathed after its journey.

During its flight, the iPhone 7, which took off from Sheffield, England, covered almost 15 miles of ground. The entire journey was filmed by a 360 degree camera system in 4K definition, providing viewers an awesome video of just what it looks like to travel up into the stratosphere. At the height of its ascent, viewers can even see the curvature of the Earth (sorry, flat-Earthers). It’s truly an impressive video.

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