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Will We See an iPhone 6C on September 9th?

Will We See an iPhone 6C on September 9th?
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Next month will be an exciting time for Apple. Their fall release event, currently expected to occur on September 9th, will see the release of several new products. While everyone is certainly excited about the release of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, rumors of the release of a smaller iPhone 6C have been all over the place. Yesterday, we saw a prominent leaker claim that we will indeed see an iPhone 6C – at the September 9th event, no less, only to see contradictory claims today.

Prominent leaker, Evan Blass, stated yesterday on his @evleaks Twitter account, “Sounds like iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and 6c will arrive concurrently.” Blass, notorious for leaking information regarding several HTC, Motorola, and Samsung devices ahead of their launch, has an extremely accurate track record when it comes to leaking information on mobile devices.

Blass’s comments match up with several reports we saw earlier in the year, including leaked photos and evidence of the phone in the supply chain. The release of a 6C, with a return to the 4-inch screen, would appeal to iPhone users who have avoided upgrading to the iPhone 6 due to the larger screen size. A more budget-friendly iPhone could look to compete with smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi in the Chinese market, as well.


This morning, however, mobile marketing site Fiksu reported that they saw two new iPhone devices in July web traffic logs. Devices titled ‘iPhone 8,1’ and ‘iPhone 8,2’ were spotted in the web logs, with the majority of usage coming from the US, and several hits from Germany and Brazil, as well. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus use the identifiers ‘iPhone 7,2’ and ‘iPhone 7,1’ respectively, so it’s safe to assume that the devices Fiksu spotted were 6S and 6S Plus test models. Noticeably absent from the traffic logs was evidence of an iPhone 6C, backing evidence that the idea of a 6C has been scrapped, or at least pushed back to 2016, as KGI Security Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted this past April.

Evan Blass and Fiksu are both trusted sources when it comes to the mobile device arena. With the recent conflicting reports, it’s inconclusive as to whether or not we will see an iPhone 6C next month. Whatever Apple’s plans are, they are sure to be revealed at the September 9th event, where we expect to see the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, new Apple TV, several new iPads, and possibly an iPhone 6C.


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