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Will Apple Acquire Tesla, GoPro, and Adobe in 2016?

Apple Acquisitions for 2016 Could Include Tesla, GoPro, or Adobe
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Perched atop a seemingly ever-growing mountain of $200 Billion in cash, Apple is well positioned to purchase just about any company it wants within the coming year. The silicon valley tech-giant tends to do that from time to time, after all; it’s acquired 10 tech firms within the last 12-months alone.

Daniel Ives, a leading analyst at FBR & Co., personally believes that Apple could or, better yet, should, consider making an investment in a company like Adobe, Box, GoPro or even Tesla.

Ives noted, however, that a Tesla acquisition is somewhat of a long shot at this point, given that Apple is already working on its own electric car, and especially considering how the company has snatched up former Tesla employees like a thief in the night.

Ives, however, indicated that, ”In our view, acquiring Tesla’s advanced battery technology would greatly accelerate Apple’s entrance into the next-generation auto arena, and we estimate valuable economies of scope could be realized while transitioning to mass-market volumes (e.g., consumer electronic batteries, automotive software, etc.).”

In terms of Adobe or Box, Ives expressed how he believes these acquisitions could help bolster Apple’s push into the enterprise market. Box is a formidable solution for enterprise storage, and that is definitely something Apple needs to brush up on.

On the other hand, as for Adobe — the company is a huge player in the enterprise realm, as well, primarily in light of its comprehensive range of creative applications.

Consider for a moment what a company like Apple could do with unrestricted access to Photoshop and Lightroom? We could easily see several Apple products — such as the Mac and iPad lineup — that utilize these applications for enterprise.

As far as a GoPro acquisition is pertinent, it’s plain as day that users of the iPhone and iPad also use GoPro devices. Ives’ belief is that new products from GoPro could eventually open the door for Apple to enter a market where its competitors have been investing heavily for a quite some time.

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