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Why the New Apple TV Could Be Obsolete Even Before It’s Released

Why the New Apple TV Could Be Obsolete Even Before It's Released
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We are getting closer and closer to September 9th, the date of Apple’s big event held in San Francisco. As time moves forward, we learn more information regarding the announcements that Apple plans to make.

We’ve recently learned that Apple will be increasing the price of the newest Apple TV, to the ballpark range of $149 and $199. This is a huge increase over the current model’s price, by as much as $130. Other streaming-devices are racing to bottom in terms of price, while Apple seems to be doing exactly the opposite.


However, any price is acceptable as long as the value of the device outweighs its cost. That ideal could be where Apple misses the mark, this fall.

Reportedly, a major problem with the newest generation Apple TV is the device’s lack of support for 4K resolution. Yes, most people don’t own a 4K resolution television right now; but what about the future?

A problem within the technology industry (depending on whom you ask) is that it’s always changing. Tech is constantly advancing, and we like to try to keep up with it. Even better, we like to be ahead of it. While I don’t have a 4K TV yet, I might have one in year, or two, or three, and I need a streaming device that will be compatible with a 4K television when I’m ready to purchase one.

Hey, obviously I want the new Apple TV; I am human after all. The concept of the al la carte television streaming subscription service, that allows the user to pick and choose which channels they wish to subscribe to, has me giddy. The new Apple TV is also rumored to have multiple new and exciting features like Siri integration, which would allow you to search for TV shows and movies without ever pressing a button. Motion sensing capabilities that could be used as a controller for games, a dedicated App Store to download the aforementioned games, and much, much, more.


All of these features are great, but the situation becomes complicated when we rip away 4K support. Just consider the fact that the iPhone 6s will be released in the same time frame, with a huge camera upgrade.

The new iPhone lineup will pack a 12-megapixel camera, capable of shooting stunning 4K resolution video. Let’s say I pick up the new iPhone 6s, and while I’m out shopping I pick up the new Apple TV and a 4K television set (lucky me). Naturally, I’d love to AirPlay my gorgeous 4K videos to my 4K television, but it just wouldn’t be possible if the 4K-negative Apple TV rumors are true.

This leads us to the monumental question, why would I purchase a brand new device that is already obsolete? At the end of the day, I might have a 4K television in the near future. I’ll definitely have the 4K video-recording iPhone 6s in the near future. Dropping $199 on a brand new Apple TV that won’t push 4K video to a 4K display seems ludicrous.

Apple would be smart to include support for the resolution, but we still can’t say for sure that the new Apple TV isn’t worth the upgrade even without 4K support. With all of the other added features, it could be the perfect streaming device that won’t pressure me into purchasing an expensive 4K TV for a few more years.

We won’t know for sure if Apple is truly dropping 4K support for the upcoming Apple TV until September 9th, but I plead that they don’t, because that fatal decision could make the Apple TV 4 obsolete even before it’s released.

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Would you consider buying the new Apple TV without 4K support?
Is the lack of 4K a deal breaker for you?
Do the advantages of the other features outweigh the cost of the device?
Let us know in the comments below!

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