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The Rumor That Won’t Die – A 4″ iPhone 6c Could Be in the Works

Apple Rumored to Host March 2016 Event for New Apple Watch, 4-inch iPhone
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The iPhone 4s was the first iPhone I ever purchased. It was really exciting as I was a big fan of the iPod, and having an iPhone meant I could carry just one device with me. The small screen size left much to be desired, but at the time I didn’t really care. Besides, back then, I wasn’t into apps.


That has changed over the past few years and now I appreciate the larger screened iPhones. It reminds me of the changes televisions went through – starting out small and eventually getting much bigger. This was a natural evolution of technology.

That is why I was fascinated when I read about rumors that Apple was developing a smaller iPhone, one that has a 4-inch screen, seemingly stepping back in time.

Cnet reported about this back in spring, before the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus came out. At the time, the rumors came from Digitimes, a site that had a “mixed track record” with its accuracy at predicting the next Apple hardware.

Currently, the consumer trend seems to be bigger phones. However, Bill Maurer, from Seekingalpha, also suggests Apple should make a smaller sized phone. He shows that sales for the smaller iPhone 5c have sustained longer than many other models. Maurer also thinks that a lower priced phone might help Apple’s desire to expand into India as 4-inch iPhone, with lower specs, would be cheaper to produce than the larger 6s and 6s Plus.


Chris Smith from Yahoo News  also comments on the rumors, saying an iPhone 6c might be in the making for next year.

Like rumors often are, the 4-inch iPhone may just be imaginary. One source quoted from Macworld says that Apple isn’t planning to make a 4-inch phone. However, back in September, the website claimed a manufacturer that was locked into a contract with Apple received requests for production of a 4-inch screen.

iPhone 6 vs. 5c
The iPhone 6 is larger than the iPhone 5c, but not dramatically.

Still, I don’t see how the smaller iPhone 6s that is currently available is too big for people who are looking for portability. Why would one need an even smaller phone?

The iPhone 6c, as some have called it, was apparently supposed to be announced in September with the other iPhones. That never happened, so it is possible that Apple could be getting ready for a holiday release. That is assuming that all of these rumors are true. Macworld reports that DigiTimes sees the launch coming in the second quarter of 2016. Yet, a Taiwanese parts manufacturer has predicted it to be coming out this year.

Rumors are tricky, they often turn out false, but sometimes they ring true. Nowadays, most people can find out exactly what the next Apple device or computer is going to be before it’s released. These reports are fairly reliable, but that’s usually when it’s only a month or two before an Apple announcement.

The rumor that never dies – the release of a smaller 4-inch iPhone 6c isn’t impossible, but its fate is totally up in the air.

Would you want a 4-inch iPhone?

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