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Sick of Verizon or AT&T? Apple Might Be Creating Their Own Wireless Carrier

Sick of Verizon or AT&T? Apple Might Be Creating Their Own Wireless Carrier
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Tired of your current mobile carrier? Regardless of what carrier you are on, everyone has their gripes about their mobile connectivity. Whether it be the issue with AT&T’s “unlimited” data plans or Sprint’s spotty service, we all end up settling with one of the big-name carriers due to lack of choice. But now, a new carrier might be approaching, and from a surprising source: Apple.

Recently, a rumor surfaced that Apple was considering its own phone service. Reports say that Apple has been testing a MVNO service the United States, with plans in the works for testing in Europe as well. A MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) service basically leases part of an existing cellular network and sells it under it’s own brand to customers. The MVNO does not have its own infrastructure, nor does it have its own cellular towers. Some of the more popular MVNO’s you may have heard of include Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, FreedomPop, Ting, and more.


Here’s how sources think that Apple plans to implement an MNVO service: you would pay Apple directly for all of your calls, texts, and data. On the back end, Apple would utilize their Apple SIM technology to route your calls, texts, and data browsing through different carriers, depending on who has the strongest signal.

All of this follows Apple’s recent initiative to tackle a voicemail service: iCloud Voicemail. Reported by Business Insider, Apple has been pursuing a voicemail service that will transcribe voicemails with the help of Siri. There have also been rumors circulating for some time that say Apple has been in talk with mobile carriers and mobile standards organization GSMA about a potential MVNO.

iPhone wants siri to answer your calls and take voicemails in ios 9 iDrop News

But if you’re looking to get rid of your current mobile carrier for a possible Apple MVNO carrier sometime soon, you’re out of luck: sources estimate that the service is at least five years out.

Amid all of these rumors, Apple decided to come forward put a stop to any more speculation: they deny that they will be pursuing an MVNO, and told CNBC that they have no plans to do so. However, AppleInsider revealed that Steve Jobs had once considered a propriety wireless network; but current CEO Tim Cook shut that idea down in 2012 when he said that he doesn’t need to “own the pipe” (in reference to carrier networks).


Is this Apple’s way of keeping wireless carriers happy? Maybe. iPhone users are some of the most profitable subscribers. But there’s also a chance that Apple doesn’t want to unleash its full potential yet, especially since the release of their Apple SIM has already rocked the boat with big-time carrier Verizon.

Would you consider using Apple’s own wireless service? Would benefits like tower-switching, to give you the best signal, be a decision making benefit for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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