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Leaked iPhone 6S Screen Panels May Show Force Touch Technology

Leaked iPhone 6S Screen Panels May Show Force Touch Technology
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Apple’s new Force Touch technology has been included in the most recent MacBook models and the Apple Watch, but Apple isn’t going to stop there. Apple is rumored to be introducing Force Touch to iPhone on the iPhone 6, and various sources claim Force Touch is going to revolutionize the way we use our iPhones.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were released in the US last September. It didn’t take long for users on the web to begin talking about the next iteration of the handset. Rumors surrounding the iPhone 6S were hitting the web as early as last November. Rumors of a wraparound display, dual-camera lenses, and more have mostly been put to rest, while rumors of an upgraded processor and increased RAM have been all but confirmed. One of the most ubiquitous rumors recently has been the inclusion of Apple’s Force Touch technology in the iPhone 6S. Recently leaked photos of an iPhone 6S display panel could add credence to that rumor.


The photos, which first appeared on French blog Nowhere Else, allegedly show the back of an iPhone 6S display. Roughly the same size and shape as the iPhone 6, there doesn’t appear to be a huge difference in the display. However, upon closer inspection, a small, rectangular cutout can been seen in the metal plate that separates the screen from the phone’s internals. While it’s unclear as of yet what the cutout is for, media sites around the web are speculating that it could be present to house the taptic engine, used to present a light “tapping” sensation on the screen. In the Apple Watch, the taptic engine is used to alert the user that a long or deep press on the Force Touch display has been detected.

Force Touch technology, first introduced in Apple’s 2015 MacBook notebooks and in the Apple Watch, allows the device to sense the pressure exerted on a touchpad or touchscreen. By sensing the amount of pressure a user exerts, the laptop, watch, or phone can bring up a range of contextually specific controls, much as a “right click” on a mouse would.


The leaked photos just add to previous evidence of the inclusion of Force Touch technology in the new iPhone. Early last month, leaked schematics of the iPhone 6S were revealed to show a 0.2mm increase in the thickness of the casing, likely to make room for a Force Touch display. The photos came on the heels of series of reports discussing Force Touch compatibility with iOS 9.

Apple has, as usual, declined to address any of the rumors concerning the iPhone 6S. However, all the rumors should be put to rest soon, as the 6S is expected to be announced some time next month.

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