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Leaked iPhone 6s Design Shows Many Interior Upgrades

Leaked iPhone 6s Design Shows Many Interior Upgrades
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The next iteration of the iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 6s, will likely hit stores this coming September. The internet is full of rumors and speculation regarding features, specs, etc. Recently leaked schematics as well as leaked photos of the casing and logic board show that the iPhone 6s will look almost identical to the iPhone 6 on the exterior, but will see some major improvements under the hood.

Leaked Schematics Courtesy of Engadget Japan

Engadget Japan recently obtained leaked schematics of the exterior of the new iPhone 6s “from a reliable source in China.” The schematics show that the size of the iPhone 6s is almost identical to the iPhone 6 – the 6s is a minute 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6, likely due to the addition of Force Touch technology. Photos obtained by 9to5Mac of the 6s’s casing show minimal changes, as well. The holes for the camera, microphone, flash, headphone jack, speaker, and Lightning port all remain unchanged.

The good news is that users will more than likely be able to use their current iPhone 6 cases on the 6s, with the bad news being that none of those components will be seeing a major hardware upgrade (although the camera quality will be enhanced, it looks like the rumored “dual lens” camera was just that – a rumor).

Rumors that the antenna lines, found on the back casing of the phone, will disappear also seem to be untrue. The lines are present in the photos of the leaked case, although it’s certainly possible that Apple may hide these lines in future versions of the phone.

6s Case Prototype Courtesy of 9to5Mac

While the exterior of the 6s may not look any different from the iPhone 6, leaked documents from one of Apple’s manufacturing facilities in China, and photos of the new logic board show that the 6s will contain several hardware upgrades that will enhance the performance of the phone. As previously mentioned, the 6s will feature Force Touch technology, opening up a whole new set of possibilities for software functionality. A camera upgrade is in the works, as well – although a dual lens camera won’t be featured in the 6s, the camera should see an upgrade from 8 megapixels to 12, with 4k video capability. Leaked photos of the 6s’s logic board show an upgraded NFC chip, as well as a new Qualcomm LTE chip that could double speed on data downloads. All in all, the 6s should offer a smoother, faster, and more efficient user experience over the previous model.

6s Logic Board Courtesy of 9to5Mac

As per usual, Apple has not officially released any word on the iPhone 6s. Assuming Apple sticks to their usual release schedule for iPhones, we will likely see the 6s release this fall, probably in September. Rumors around the web place the release date on September 11, but that date is yet to be confirmed.

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