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Leaked: Apple Developing New Features for Watch

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Newly leaked information states that Apple is currently working on a host of new features for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is a highly rated and sought after device which leaves Watch owners expecting perfection. While the Apple Watch has proven to be a great device, remember that no device is perfect. Apple hopes to continue to make the device as close to perfection as possible with its Watch OS update.

Expect improvements such as security enhancements, connectivity with other Apple devices, more robust health and fitness capabilities, and integration with 3rd party applications.

Find My Watch


We recently published an article that revealed some less than favorable security issues regarding the Apple Watch. It is known that if the Apple Watch goes missing, there is no application similar to “Find My iPhone” to help you get it back. Apple is reportedly working on a new program that should help remedy that situation. Creating this functionality is allegedly a huge task. The team at Apple has actually been working on this project before the initial release of the Apple Watch. The project will allegedly include a type of electronic leash, that would give the owner a notification when the iPhone or the Watch get too far apart. This might help you find your Watch or your iPhone depending on which one is left behind.

This feature would also let the user wipe the information from either device, enhancing overall security. This new “Find My Watch” feature could be included in the software update. Conversely, it might have to wait until the next Apple Watch is released. Supposedly this “electronic leash” technology could require an independent processor and an improved wireless chipset.

Apple TV Integration


The next generation of the Apple TV will be bundled with an improved remote offering advanced controls. The new remote will be a great improvement, but that isn’t the only way you’ll be able to control your Apple TV. Apple is also working on Apple TV integration for the Watch. You’ll most likely find a basic remote interface on the Watch in the next update, along with advanced Siri integration.

Improved 3rd Party Support


Third-party applications will receive some love in the Apple Watch update. Featured on many Apple Watch faces are “complications.” Complications are tiny widgets on the Watch face that provide more information than the face would traditionally include. Some common complications are the temperature, the date, or even moon phase.

Users could benefit from the added third-party complication feature, as it would provide the user with important application notifications. This might include how many retweets their latest tweet received or maybe how many Instagram comments they need to read or respond to.

Improved Health and Fitness Tools


Updates to the popular Health application are on their way as well. Apple is reportedly working on a way for the heart rate sensor to detect an irregular heartbeat. This will be extremely useful, as an irregular heartbeat is a signal for a trip to the doctor’s office. Sadly, it is reported that this feature could be nixed as it is faces liability and government regulation complications.

More fitness and health capabilities will come to the Watch over the next several years. Apple will create a multitude of new features for the Watch, which might include blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and sleep tracking. These improvements would require new hardware, so don’t expect these health features until the Apple Watch 2 is announced.


It is great to see Apple backing up their products with continuous updates. These updates make their products even better and will ultimately enhance people’s lives more with each revision. We are excited for the new updates, however it is unknown when the Apple Watch software update will be finished or released.There is a good chance we will learn some new information this June at WWDC.

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