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iPhone 6s May Be Unveiled Sooner Than Expected

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Fans of Apple’s iPhones have always known to expect a new release roughly once a year. In 2013, however, Apple made a (somewhat) surprising move, releasing two handsets in a year – the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. This past year, Apple released two handsets as well with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. While tradition says we might expect the iPhone 7 to be released next September, rumor has it we may see another handset released sooner.

Reports say that Apple may unveil an iPhone 6S in the spring of 2015. While there are plenty of rumors circling the internet concerning what kind of features and upgrades may be included with the release, nothing groundbreaking yet has garnered any strong credibility.

Many reports are hinting that the iPhone 6S release will coincide with the release of the hotly anticipated Apple Watch. This possible release could pave the way for a biannual release of Apple’s smartphones, perhaps to keep up with the almost constant release of competitor’s phones.

As per usual, Apple has not released any statements denying or lending credibility to the report, but with the release of the Apple watch and the recent reports that Apple is discontinuing the iPhone 5C, a release of the 6S next spring wouldn’t be surprising.

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