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Apple Might Have Accidentally Revealed a New MacBook During an Interview with ’60 Minutes’

Apple Might Have Accidentally Revealed a New MacBook During an Interview with '60 Minutes'
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The influential program 60 Minutes aired an interesting piece last night called “Inside Apple”. The piece included a brief overview of Apple and its operating practices, including an in-depth interview with Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Also included in the piece was a behind-the-scenes look at Chief design officer Jony Ive’s design studio, where such products as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook were originally dreamed up.

As interesting as the piece was, however, many viewers took note of something that appeared in the background of one of the shots. During an executive team meeting, a Mac laptop that looks unlike anything in the current product line makes a blurry cameo in the background.

Many viewers, including TechCrunch‘s Dave Smith speculate that the device could be the upcoming 15-inch MacBook Air, which many expect to launch either during a March event or June’s WWDC next year.

Apple did release a statement flat-out denying that a 15-inch MacBook Air was seen in the background during the 60 Minutes piece, claiming instead that a 12-inch MacBook was pictured at an awkward angle, but many viewers still claim that the product shown looks “different”.

TheNextWeb‘s Nate Swanner recently published an article looking to debunk the rumors, but came away unsure himself.

While it’s highly unlikely that a yet-unreleased device would be left in the open during filming of the segment, it’s always fun to speculate.

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