5 Things We Really Want to See in the New iPad Pro!

New Ipad Pro Wishlist Credit: Martin Hajek
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Apple is expected to announce new versions of its iPad tomorrow – and I, for one, can’t wait. My beloved iPad Air 2 has a cracked screen corner that is rapidly spreading, and I’ve been looking forward to replacing it with one of the new models. But what features should Apple include with its new iPad?

Before we find out for certain, let’s take a look at the rumors on just what might change in the iPad world, and the possibilities that I’m most looking forward to!

5 Edge-to-Edge Display (Obviously)

Many of the rumors for the new iPads hint that the displays will be larger thanks to slimmer bezels, which allows Apple to fit more screen in the same amount of space. This would be an excellent upgrade, especially for the “standard” iPad with its smaller screen and any new mini-iPads that may be announced. Plus, bezels are increasingly unnecessary on today’s mobile devices, so any move to slim down iPad bezels is sure to be a popular one. Let’s see an edge-to-edge iPad display, Apple!

4 Better Connectivity Options

One of the biggest rumors about Apple’s new iPad, is that it will be switching from a Lightning cable port to a USB Type-C port. If true, this is huge news that will make charging the Pro more simple and could open many other doors for interesting iPad interactions. Frankly, it would be great if Apple would switch the ports for all of its iPads, and not just the Pro. This would make room for more accessories, hooking up external hard drive, and many other exciting possibilities. MacBooks already offer Type-C ports – why not just move that technology over to iPads as well?

3 Better Handling

iPads aren’t really designed to sit still. If you have lived with an iPad that you depend on, you know that you are frequently moving it around, carrying it with you, or repositioning it. The current iPad design is beautiful and slim. But Apple could tweak its design approach just enough to add some grip to the back surface (or another similar solution) that makes it easier to pick up and hold.

Yes, you can get an iPad case that offers this sort of feature, but you can’t rely on cases 100% percent of the time. A built-in option would be a substantial upgrade for everyone who worried about dropping an expensive device, and the difference in height would be minimal. It seems like a win-win, but Apple may not want to change their ultra-strict design policy so much.

2 A New Approach to Buttons

We are likely to see at least some changes to iPad buttons and how they work. Leaks indicate that Apple will have at least one iPad that, like the iPhone X, skips the Home button entirely and uses advanced facial recognition and sensors for logging in. That’s cool! But while we are at it, what about upgrading the power and volume buttons? Currently they are a little hard to reach conveniently, especially on the larger iPads, and can be a little finicky to operate – especially when trying to take screenshots or other button combination commands. Apple could give the new iPads an updated placement with new, easy-to-use button designs.

1 A Ruggedized Option

Apple clearly has no problem offering new types of iPad in multiple sizes, some more aimed at the professional world and some designed more for casual use. It would be incredible if Apple increased the iPad ranks by adding a ruggedized version that is more suitable for outdoor use, adventures, families, and so on. It would help with some other issues mentioned above, improve longevity, and keep buyers from relying too much on iPad cases for protection – as well as expand the potential iPad buyer base. Of course, once again Apple would have to alter its iPad design a bit, which could be a sticking point, but we’re willing to be surprised.

Make sure to check out our Apple event coverage tomorrow to see all the latest announcements!

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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