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What do people think about the Apple Watch?

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With the Apple Watch deliveries starting today, Apple fanatics are even more excited about the new smart watch coming to their wrists soon. We took a poll and you voted on which Apple Watch you would be purchasing. Over 50% of iOS users wanted a Sport Watch, with a majority of those users wanting the 38MM size.


So far, the consensus is that the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch to date. Many companies have attempted to generate game-changing smartwatches; however, it seems that Apple has created the most popular and heavily anticipated watch to date. The original Pebble Smartwatch, the LG G Watch R, and the Moto 360 all fell short of becoming a necessary tech device. Whether they were not aesthetically pleasing, or difficult to use, these smartwatches haven’t persuaded a mass conversion of techies to adopt a smartwatch lifestyle. Apple’s smartwatch seems to be more user friendly than the aforementioned smartwatches.


Less than 3oz, the Apple Watch is an entire little computer on your wrist, instead of being an extension of your phone like other smartwatches. Also unlike other smartwatches, the Apple Watch incorporates physical controls and knobs. The Apple Watch includes a digital crown scroll, a side button which opens the communications app wheel, and the screen itself uses something called Forcetouch. The digital crown is meant to assist with scrolling through the Apple Watch without needing to touch the screen.


It seems that although originally the Apple Watch held a not-so- popular public opinion, iOS users are changing their tune. Just like when the iPad first came out, it was dismissed as just a “big iPod Touch.” Now, it is almost a household staple with many iOS users claiming it to be one of their favorite gadgets. As covered in an earlier iDrop Article, Apple had over 1 million pre-sales on opening weekend and now the Apple Watch has even been speculated to be one of Apple’s most profitable items yet.

The Apple Watch is Apple’s first new product in five years, as well as the first one developed after Steve Jobs passed. For those who are deep into the Apple gadget game, it seems that the Apple Watch would be a necessary purchase to add to the collection. Deliveries for those who pre-ordered the Apple Watch will start today, so stay tuned for what iOS users think when they finally get to play around with the Apple Watch in real life.

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