Want to Invest? iPhone X Holds Value Better Than Any Other iPhone

Holding Iphone X Credit: Denys Prykhodov / Shutterstock
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Looking to make a smartphone purchase an investment? You can’t get much better than the iPhone X, according to the results of a new study.

Liquidation firm and online marketplace B-Stock conducted its own research study into which iPhone model best retains its value after being purchased. The results of the study, which were obtained by 9to5Mac, show that the most expensive iPhone also holds its value the best.

The iPhone X retained 85 percent of its original value in a secondary market — like a liquidation site or peer-to-peer marketplace.

Companies like B-Stock that purchase used iPhone X models in bulk to resell are buying those devices at about 75 percent of its original retail value, the study found.

Apple’s iPhone X flagship made headlines for being the most expensive smartphone that the Cupertino tech giant has ever released. The base model starts at $999, while an upper-tier storage configuration retails for $1,149.

B-Stock’s data found that a used iPhone X is worth at least $849.15 in a secondary sale.

There also seems to be relatively high demand for the iPhone X domestically. The vast majority of iPhone X models that B-Stock ships are sold within the U.S. — just 2 percent are being shipped abroad.

Like cars, modern smartphones are pretty terrible at retaining their original market value. Part of that is due to the pace of innovation — new features, better components and improved performance tend to cause older smartphones to lose their value relatively quickly.

Generally speaking, Apple iPhones tend to retain their value better than competing devices. Because of that, 9to5Mac notes that the so-called “Apple tax” may not be as severe as most make it out to be.

In other words, if you can trade in or resell your iPhone for a good percentage of its retail value, then you’re better off in the long run.

But B-Stock’s study shows that the iPhone X might have just set a new record for original value retention.

All in all, the results of the study bode really well for current iPhone X owners who are looking to trade-in or sell their devices as new models launch in the fall.

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