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T-Mobile Does It Again, Two More Too-Good-To-Be-True iPhone Offers

T-Mobile Does It Again, Two More Too-Good-To-Be-True iPhone Offers
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Jon Legere, President and CEO of T-Mobile, has been known to do some outlandish acts. Some people might even call him crazy.

He introduced an industry changing, and hugely popular, new plan called “10GB4All”. It provides a family with 4 lines of service, 10 GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited talk, text, and 3G data, all for an incredibly affordable $120 a month. Soon after that he also introduced T-Mobile’s new “Mobile Without Borders” campaign, which extends T-Mobile wireless coverage across the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian borders all for no extra charge.

The new feature is a tremendous win for people who travel north and south of the United States. Legere goes on to write

The move eliminates a major pain point for U.S. wireless customers. Last year, a full 35% of all international calls and 55% of all international travel from the U.S. was to Mexico & Canada alone. Over 70% of international trips taken by small and mid-sized business travelers were to Mexico & Canada. And, the same year, the carriers raked in nearly $10 billion in global roaming charges at over 90% margins. Meaning the carriers are lining their pockets with billions of dollars in inflated roaming fees—for coverage the Un-carrier now includes at no extra cost.”

Jon Legere’s unconventional business practices are what have set T-Mobile apart from other wireless carriers like Verizon and AT&T. Since T-Mobile’s reinvention, the company acts more consumer-friendly than competing carriers. Legere offers perks to T-Mobile users that Verizon and AT&T might never consider, like unlimited 4G LTE data and zero overage costs for people who don’t subscribe to unlimited data. If a T-Mobile subscriber does go over their data allowance, T-Mobile will remedy the situation by simply slowing down your speeds, rather than charging you money.

Legere wastes no time calling out Verizon and AT&T for new and, what can be paraphrased as unfair, business practices introduced this summer.

And what have the carriers been up to? While we’ve spent our summer giving customers more, the carriers have spent their summer taking more. While we take some of our wildly popular moves and make them even better, The Twins [AT&T and Verizon] do what they do best—roll out more BS fees and half-assed, me-too offers. Verizon made it even more expensive to upgrade − and lowered prices for Mexico & Canada by a ridiculously small fraction of their fat margins. And AT&T? As one headline put it, ‘AT&T Invents an Absurd $15 Activation Fee’ – enough said!… Unbelievable. And they still wonder why their customers are flocking to the Un-carrier. Seriously, you can’t make the stuff they are doing up! It’s ridiculous!”

T-Mobile just won’t stop pushing out new plan features to the delight of their current and future customers. Most recently, the magenta wireless company has introduced two new features that will elate iPhone users.

  1. “Music Freedom Gets Amped with Apple Music”

In case you haven’t heard, T-Mobile is allowing subscribers to stream music completely limitless from 33 different music applications including Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and now Apple Music. Legere took to Twitter to ask his followers what applications do they want to see on Music Freedom, and an overwhelming 80% Tweeted back with Apple Music as their music streaming app of choice. Legere wasted no time adding Apple Music to the list of 33 applications compatible with the plan.

Next up is an even bigger deal for iPhone users.

  1. “Upgrade your iPhone not your price”
    iphone 6 gradient background

Legere knows what Apple fans are thinking, or he at least listens to what they are saying. “Do I upgrade my iPhone now, or do I wait until the next version is released (iPhone 6S)?” He goes on to say that he is going to solve this common problem by allowing every single customer who gets a new iPhone this summer to simply swap it for the next iPhone.

Yeah, that’s what I said. Just swap it out and pay NOTHING more—nothing up front and no change to your monthly payment. No deposit. No fees. Nothing. You get the next iPhone guaranteed. And you get to LOCK IN that industry-best promotional price of $15 a month.”

New subscribers who wish to take part of this deal will also get priority access to the next iPhone. During the first 48 hours the iPhone 6S becoming in stock, those new customers will have their orders shipped first, before any one else.

If this sounds like a deal that is too good to be true, it might just be. Only the future will tell if T-Mobile can actually deliver upon all of its new promises. Their track record has been excellent since the company’s makeover, and the outlandish CEO has produced superb results. If this deal seems like something you’d like to take advantage of, you might want to hurry. The press release states the deal will only last through Labor Day weekend.




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