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Steve Jobs’ Inaccurate Depictions in Film Anger Friends of the Icon

Steve Jobs' Inaccurate Depictions in Film Anger Friends of The icon
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You can say what you want about Steve Jobs, but you can’t deny he had a major impact on technology as we know it today. The first Apple computer was revolutionary and changed the way we think about computers. Jobs tried to make Apple into a successful company, struggling at first, even going as far as getting fired from his own company! However, he returned and ultimately saw his dream come true.

That would be a quick summary of the movie, “Jobs,” starring Ashton Kutcher. I really enjoyed the performances of the cast and I felt it had some fascinating insights into Steve’s personality. He certainly was not a perfect man, which shouldn’t be a surprise since I’m willing to guess that none of us are perfect. Regardless, there are many negative aspects portrayed in the movie about Steve Jobs.

Apple certainly doesn’t seem too excited about the new movie about their former co-founder. Tim Cook mentioned on his appearance on “The Late Show” expressing his feeling that, “people are being opportunistic and I hate that,” based on a report by Ben Fritz of The Wall Street Journal. Fritz also states that Job’s widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, was not happy about the movies about her late husband. She was offered to be included on the development on the new film, “Steve Jobs,” but Ms. Jobs declined.


Fritz claims that Apple employees are unhappy with the film. Bill Campbell, a board member from when Jobs ran the company, commented that a whole generation of people would see Jobs in a negative light. A documentary about Jobs titled: “Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine” was protested by Apple’s Senior Vice President Eddy Cue by walking out of the showing, saying the film was “an inaccurate and mean-spirited view of my friend.”

On the other side, Steve Wozniak applauds the new Jobs film. He wasn’t so sure at first, according to BBC News editor, Leo Kelion, but after watching the film twice Wozniak changed his mind. He feels that the film captures the emotion and realism of the time when he working with Steve Jobs. It’s interesting to see how different Wozniak feels about the film than others at Apple or even Ms. Jobs. To be fair, Wozniak was a part of the production, so he likely had some input in how the film was made.

The main objection from some seems to be the negative behavior portayed in the films, showing Jobs as having a temper or being mean. Wozniak told BBC News that he never saw that kind of behavior, but had heard about it from others working at Apple. He said that Jobs did respect some of the people he worked with, but was not sure about other’s accounts.

Whatever your opinion of Steve Jobs, he was indeed a revolutionary. Just look at the technologies that he has helped create, which would eventually transform him into an American icon. It is no wonder that directors and producers wish to create movies about Jobs. He is a fascinating character, which leads some Hollywood elites to attempt to profit off of his story, for good or bad.

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