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Soon You Will Be Able to Play Playstation 4 Anywhere Using an Internet Connected Mac

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Shuhei Yoshida, chairman and president of Sony Computer Entertainment, announced on Friday that his company is planning to launch an official “Remote Play” application that will enable users of the company’s Playstation 4 gaming console to stream games to their connected Mac or PC.

Initially deemed as merely a response to a question about video game streaming solutions for Windows machines — most of which are currently brought to you in part by the infamous developer, “Twisted” — the announcement came on Friday via the company’s official Twitter page.

What Sony has dubbed “Remote Play,” in essence, enables game streaming features that allow users to play their favorite titles on a remote computing device — PC or Mac — that’s connected to their console via a local, Ethernet or WiFi, Internet connection. The move also appears to be in response to Microsoft’s unveiling of an almost identical utility for its Xbox One console, which also allows users to push live gaming to a PC running Windows 10.

There currently exists an iteration of the Sony PS4 Remote Play app, however it’s limited to the PlayStation Vita portable game system and newer Sony Xperia devices. Sony has also recently released a PS4 DualShock 4 controller mount, compatible with certain smartphones and tablets, that enables more discreet control over just the virtual nubs and buttons of the standard, onscreen controller buttons.

Yoshida stopped short of providing any additional details on the upcoming Remote Play app for Mac and PC, however it can reasonably be assumed that Sony is interested in somehow implementing its own DualShock 4 compatibility, seeing as how many PS4 games stipulate an immersive assortment of analog sticks, face buttons, shoulder buttons, and touchpad controls for full and proper, gameplay interaction.

To date, both Sony and Microsoft have sought to more deeply integrate smartphone and tablet devices into their respective gaming platforms. For instance, when Sony announced the PS4 in 2013, the company dichotomously revealed an iOS app that would provide users limited second screen capabilities on their iPhone and iPad. Accordingly, Microsoft did nearly the same thing when it unveiled the SmartGlass app alongside Xbox One.

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