Shot on iPhone 6 – See Your Photos Here!

Shot on iPhone 6 - See Your Photos Here!

The iPhone 6s is undoubtedly a fantastic device. Numerous improvements to the processor, camera, and the addition of 3D Touch make for a compelling argument to upgrade from 2014’s iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 camera

However, some people are locked into an upgrade cycle in which they will be forced to wait for the iPhone 7. Others simply don’t see the need to upgrade. It’s easy to see why people can be hesitant to upgrade when they have the fantastic technology found in the iPhone 6 they already own and love.

iPhones have always taken excellent photos relative to their time, and the iPhone 6 is no exception. Nearly jumping into 2016, we see the iPhone 6 still takes breathtaking photographs comparable to new and expensive high-end DSLR cameras.

We have collected some examples of beautiful photography from iDrop News fans which were achieved using just the iPhone 6 (and maybe a photo editing app or two).

Photos by Maurice Dalen

Photos by Victor M.

Photos by Pranav Parmar

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