‘Screen Time’ Might Just Kill Your iPhone Addiction

Screen Time iOS 12 Featured Image Credit: iDrop News / YouTube
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According to Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, iOS 12 is designed to help users understand and better manage the time they spend using apps and websites. This works by giving users detailed information and the tools necessary to create balance between technology and the real world.

What Is Screen Time in iOS 12?


With the new Screen Time feature in iOS 12, users can now take full control of the time they spend with their device and manage their daily interactions with their apps by taking advantage of the new time management features.

Users now have access to the Detailed Management Report, a daily and weekly usage report that breaks down user activity such as how often they picked up their iPhones, the total time they spent in each app and the amount of notifications they received.

Screen Time is also meant to reduce distractions with the help of tools like Down Time, a feature in which the user can schedule a block of time in which only urgent or handpicked notifications and calls will be delivered.

What Is Screen Time in iOS 12
Image via Apple

In a similar fashion, Do Not Disturb hides all notifications from the lock screen to eliminate said distractions. Both of these tools are meant to keep people in the moment, whether it’s in a classroom, at the office or even during bedtime.

If you would rather control the amount of time you’re active on certain applications, App Limits lets you do just that. You can create a limit for yourself by setting a specific amount of time, and the app will notify you if you are exceeding the allotted time (or if the limit is about to expire). On the other hand, Always Allow lets all of the notifications from your preferred apps to always be enabled even when the Screen Time feature is active.

How to Get Screen Time on iPhone or iPad

At the moment, Screen Time is only available in the new iOS 12 update and accessible from the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Learn how to install iOS 12 public beta here.

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