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Official Videos Give the Best Look at the Apple Watch Yet

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Users will get their first real look at the highly-anticipated Apple Watch this upcoming Friday, as pre-orders become available and appointments for in-store demos begin. Although Apple’s Spring Forward event early last month demonstrated quite a few of the wearable’s features and apps, users haven’t really gotten a chance to receive a good glance at how the watch will function in everyday life. That changed yesterday morning when Apple released an official “guided tour” of the watch, broken down into a series of four videos.

The videos serve as a tool to introduce users to the various features and components of the watch, while doubling as a type of instructional video on how to use the watches functions. The first video, for example, demonstrates how the watch’s crown can be used as a scrolling device while navigating through glances and notifications, or how it can be used to control the zoom in certain circumstances (while navigating a map, for example). The Force Touch feature is also displayed, demonstrating how you can vary your touch pressure to access different options in certain circumstances. Sending and receiving messages and customizing the watch face are the topics of the other two videos.

Overall, this is certainly the most in-depth look at the Apple Watch’s functions we’ve seen yet. With more videos on the way, including tutorials on Phone Calls, Siri, Maps, and Workouts, this is the best way to preview the watch without making an appointment to demo one at the Apple Store. To view the guided tours, follow this link to the page on Apple’s site.


The Apple Watch will be available for pre-order this coming Friday, April 10, and will officially release April 24.

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