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Official Apple Watch Charging Dock Leaked in New Images

Official Apple Watch Charging Dock Packaging Leaked in New Images
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Citing sources that boast a deep knowledge of Apple’s imminent plans, the popular French website, iGeneration, reported that Apple is indeed working on revealing an in-house solution for charging the company’s Watch.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the dock will be called, very simply, “the Magnetic Charging Dock,” a name that can also be seen in alleged packaging photos below.

The dock features a circular, blank CD disc-like appearance, and is said to support the Apple Watch both laid flat over the top in portrait mode or on its side in landscape position. The charging pod, located directly in the center of the dock, appears to adjust from flat to upright, thus enabling the dock to accommodate both orientations.

Furthermore, the new Magnetic Charging Dock is expected to ship with a Lightning cable that will be used to charge the Apple Watch through the dock, however, as iGeneration reports, the package will not include a USB power adapter. Additionally, as seen clearly in this packaging for the dock, a price of €89 is indicated, which likely means it will be priced at $79 in the United States.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, however, because, although it appears to feature a more complicated design, the Magnetic Charging Dock, at $79, is considerably more expensive than Apple’s existing, $49 dock, for the iPhone. When the dock might go on sale is currently unknown, but the complete, shrink-wrapped packaging signals an impending release.

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