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New Details about Apple’s TV Service

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Several days ago, we reported news that Apple is in talks to offer users a subscription TV Service. New details surrounding the rumors have recently emerged, giving us new insight into how the service will work and what its use may look like.

Rumor has it that the service, which is expected to cost around $25-$40 per month, will be announced in June in conjunction with the announcement regarding Apple’s revamped Beats Music Service. Viewers can expect the service to launch in September of this year. Networks such as ABC, CBS, and Fox are reportedly already on board with the service, and it appears as if Discovery and Viacom are in talks to provide content, as well. If they reach an agreement, popular channels such as The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon could potentially be part of the package.

One notable exclusion from the deal is NBCUniversal, whose parent company, Comcast, reportedly had a “falling out” with Apple after talks to create a similar streaming platform soured last year. New reports state that while NBC may not be a part of the subscription service, they are looking to develop an Apple TV app to be made available by the second half of this year. The app would function in a similar fashion to many of Apple TV’s other apps, which would allow viewers to “tune into local news and syndicated programming” offered by NBC. The app, however, would still require users to verify that they have an existing cable account. While news of the app doesn’t bode well for users on the subscription service, it appears as if the two companies may be able to work out a deal in the future.

More details should emerge as the Worldwide Developers Conference in June draws nearer. Although nothing is 100% confirmed at the moment, the prospect of Apple’s streaming service comes as great news to “cord cutters” around the US, who are frustrated with the bloated prices of cable companies around the US.


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