Jimmy Fallon Learns a Lesson, Don’t Bring Your Mac Around Clippy

Jimmy Fallon Learns a Lesson, Don't Bring Your Mac Around Clippy
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Remember Microsoft Word’s infamous assistant, Clippy? The character has appeared in early versions of Microsoft Word and other Office applications since 1997. Clippy was certainly a symbol of the 1990’s, a common nuisance that any Word user loved to hate.

Much like today’s Siri, Clippy was there to help. However, Clippy’s constant sound effects, creepy stare, and attention grabbing tactics like “tapping” on your screen, was more enough to drive anyone crazy.


Clippy was made into a running joke and often parodied, so much so, that Windows ran advertisements poking fun at their own invention. The parodies continue today as Jimmy Fallon recently spoofed the digital office assistant during his late night show.

Watch the hilarious skit below and definitely do not bring your Mac around Clippy.

Do you miss Clippy?  Let us know in the comments below!


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