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Incredible Camera Improvements Due for iPhone 7?

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Although the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released relatively recently, there are already several rumors circulating the internet about what’s in store for the iPhone 7. Assuming Apple follows the same release schedule we all have become accustomed to, we should see a new addition in the iPhone line next September. While there is plenty of speculation as to the new features the next iPhone will offer, perhaps the most interesting rumor is that of a huge jump in the iPhone’s camera performance.

According to famed blogger John Gruber (known for his technology blog “Daring Fireball”), the iPhone 7 may see Apple’s “biggest camera jump ever.” Featuring two lenses, it is rumored that this new camera may be able to take DSLR-quality images.

Lending credibility to this rumor is the fact that Sony, from whom Apple gets its CMOS sensors, just announced their latest 21-megapixel CMOS sensor for smartphone cameras, which supports high definition still images and 4K video recording. We may see an incredible new camera on the latest iPhone release next September.

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