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IBM and Apple Launch First of Many iOS Apps for Businesses

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IBM and Apple struck a deal in July to work together to develop a wide range of new apps that would be targeted towards businesses. Just this morning, they unveiled the first look at the result of this partnership – 10 apps which represent the beginning of this product line, dubbed “MobileFirst.”

The plan for this cooperative effort is to eventually release roughly 100 apps specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad – providing the same simplicity, elegance, and convenience Apple users have grown accustomed to, to customers in the corporate sphere.

The 10 apps released today span several industries, from Travel and Transportation to Retail, Banking, and Telecommunications. The new app “Incident Aware,” for example, provides law enforcement officers with important insights during emergency situations, while “Plan Flight” will help pilots more accurately estimate the fuel needs for upcoming flights.

This partnership is an exciting one for Apple enthusiasts in the corporate world, and these 10 apps are the first of many apps in the MobileFirst line. Workers in nearly every industry can anticipate MobileFirst apps coming their way soon – each of which is certain to make their jobs easier.



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