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Hilarious Parodies Show Us The “Real” Shot on iPhone 6 Campaign

Hilarious Parodies Show Us The "Real" Shot on iPhone 6 Campaign
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When the biggest company in the world produces a new advertisement, people tend to make fun of it. Many of them go as far as to produce parodies of the ads, and their results will be sure to produce a laugh.

Apple’s new “Shot on iPhone 6” advertising campaign is nothing short of brilliant. The iPhone 6 can take truly stunning photos and videos, and it’s an ingenious idea to crowdsource some of the best that the public has to offer.

The funny thing is, most iPhone camera rolls aren’t filled with purple and blue sunsets, or ancient asian ships sailing along the coastline. Most of the photos in our galleries are of babies covered in food, old yeller playing fetch in the back yard, or maybe even crowded selfies with our favorite people.

Recently a parody video, sourced from Elite Daily, has gone viral. This parody showcases what our iPhone really sees through its lens.

Others have mocked Apple’s newest campaign too. The “Also Shot on an iPhone 6” Tumblr page pokes even more fun at Apple with hilarious photos and selfies that might be more realistically found in an iPhone owner’s camera roll. The photos are blown up and placed adjacent to real Apple advertisements making for an extremely funny juxtaposition.

also shot on iphone 6 1

While these parodies are undeniably funny, we have to respect the real Shot on iPhone 6 campaign. We have even opened up one of our own to our readers! If you’d like to share one of your favorite photos you’ve taken with your iPhone, we might feature it on the site. Follow the link here.

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