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From Around The Web: How to Protect Your Ears at Loud Shows

From Around The Web: How to Protect Your Ears at Loud Shows
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We all love to read great content, but we have to admit, not all of the best content comes directly from iDrop News™. Some great content comes from outside sources; and because we are in the business of enlightening and informing our readers, we must share stories from other noteworthy sources when they relate to Apple products. What is more “Apple” than music?

Since the iPod debuted, jamming in public has never been trendier. The stylish and iconic white earbuds are a symbol of the times, but what if they could permanently damage your hearing?

The following story comes from The Fader. The Fader is a magazine based news source focused on music and culture. Their cool and trendy website provides in-depth coverage of anything from Taylor Swift’s controversies to ear protection. In fact, ear protection doesn’t sound like the coolest story in the world, until you find out that DJ’s use them all the time. They are also great for any person who works in a loud environment, often protecting people from developing the serious condition known as Tinnitus.

Find interviews from 9 famous DJ’s who speak about ear protection, and how they do protect their hearing here.

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