Video: Nintendo’s Next-Generation Hybrid Gaming Console ‘Switch’ Has Been Unveiled

Nintendo's 'Switch' Console to Be Revealed in Tokyo, Pre-Orders Start Friday the 13th
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Nintendo has revealed their newest console: the Nintendo Switch. And with its debut, the Japanese company seems to be shifting their focus toward the hybrid console market.

Like many rumors alleged — back when the console was still codenamed the NX — the Nintendo Switch is a portable, thin, Tegra-powered gaming tablet that can connect to a TV with an included charging dock. When attached to a TV, the Switch will function like a traditional console. When it’s removed from the dock, the device will automatically transition to “portable mode,” allowing users to take their gaming with them, according to Engadget.

The peripherals also line up with previous rumors. The “Joy-Con” controllers, as Nintendo calls them, have a few different methods of play. When attached to the sides of the main Switch body, they can be used in-tandem to play games on-the-go. Users can also break each controller off, hand one to someone else, and play multiplayer games. Additionally, when attached to an accessory called a “Joy-Con Grip,” the separate pieces can be turned into a standalone controller separate from the main Switch body, according to Wired.

Another interesting tidbit is that Switch games will come loaded onto tiny SD card-sized cartridges — similar to 3Ds game cards. But beyond that, we don’t know much else about the format. Of course, we can also expect games to be available to purchase digitally as well.

When it comes to which games will be made for the console, we can certainly expect Nintendo titles to be included. But, additionally, game developers and publishing companies like Activision, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sega and Capcom, among others, have also publicly pledged to support the new console. While that doesn’t mean we’ll see Switch titles from each of these companies, it does mean that developers and publishers are at least looking into to creating games for the platform.

So while the Switch may have some features carried over from traditional, cartridge-based Nintendo platforms, the console is a step suggesting that Nintendo is doubling down on the portable gaming market, and moving away from traditional consoles that must be tethered to a TV, AppleInsider reported.

As far as technical details, specifications and price range, the details are pretty sparse. But Nintendo has promised to release more information about the console in the near future. The Switch is expected to be released worldwide in March 2017. See Nintendo’s official video of the Switch in action below.

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