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Contrary to Popular Belief, the iPhone 6s Isn’t as Fast as a Mac

Contrary to Popular Belief, the iPhone 6s Isn't as Fast as a Mac
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The latest and greatest iPhone has been introduced to the public in astounding numbers. Both the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus have had record breaking sales, with a reported 13 million new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices sold since their debut last week.


Users are impressed with the 3D Touch technology, upgraded camera, and more functionality (thanks, in part, to iOS 9). Some users were even reporting that the 6s was so fast that it could compete with a MacBook.

So, what’s the verdict?

While we would like to think that technology has made our smartphones competitors in the laptop world, the rumor isn’t true. Many bloggers and online news outlets have touted the new device’s “desktop-class performance”.

John Gruber from the blog Daring Fireball wrote that, “The new iPhone 6s beats the new MacBook in single-core performance on Geekbench.” But when it comes down to it, the iPhone 6s does not come near MacBooks that run typical laptop-class Core i5 and i7 processors, notes PC Mag.

This isn’t to say that the latest and greatest iPhone isn’t fast. According to speed tests run by Anandtech, it appears that the iPhone 6s is faster than most of the mobile devices on the market, including tablets like the iPad Air 2 and the Google Nexus 9. This is due in part to the smartphone’s A9 processor, which allows for quicker performance and lower battery consumption.


After viewing the findings, Anandtech’s Joshua Ho reported that, “Apple has integrated a mobile storage solution that I haven’t seen in any other device yet, and the results suggest that they’re ahead of just about every other OEM in the industry here by a significant amount.”

Users have reported that upgraded processor speed paired with the new iOS 9 makes for a faster user experience (though not immediately noticeable unless placed sided-by-side to an iPhone 6).

However, the extra boost in RAM and new A9 processor make multitasking easier, web browsing faster, and gaming much more fluid.

Other additional iPhone 6s features that make for a speedier experience, include an updated Touch ID sensor, improved RAM, 3D Touch, and pre-loaded iOS 9. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll get a chance to win an iPhone 6s, and witness the speed difference for yourself.

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