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Apple’s Newest Hire Offers His Self-Driving Vehicle Expertise

Apple's Newest Hire Offers His Self-Driving Vehicle Expertise
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According to his LinkedIn profile, Apple has recently hired the Director of Nvidia’s Deep Learning Software (DLS) division, Jonathan Cohen.


Cohen was responsible for training computers to recognize patterns and algorithms in data with the purpose of ultimately organizing that information in a way comparable to human cognitive processes.

Nvidia’s Deep Learning Software is primarily integrated with the company’s Drive PX platform, which is used to power self-driving automobiles.

An official title with the Cupertino tech giant is not listed on Cohen’s LinkedIn profile, but rather, only the title “Software” is listed as his position.

Since first being hired by Nvidia in 2008, Cohen has held various positions at the company — initially starting out as a Senior Research Scientist, and building his way up to be the Director of DLS earlier this year.

Additionally, Cohen’s LinkedIn indicates that he has experience working with Nvidia’s CUDA platform, which is currently used to power GPUs that are implemented in a broad range of applications, such as in air traffic control and blood flow prediction software.

Cohen’s transition to Apple was first reported by Re/code, who also note the fact that the iPhone maker currently uses Nvidia’s Deep Learning Software, in part, to power its Siri and Apple Maps. Of imminent concern, is how exactly Cohen’s expertise could be applied at Apple.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Cohen was present to explain how Nvidia’s Deep Learning technology is currently being used in the company’s self-driving automobile platform, Drive PX.


This would definitely add fuel to the fire of Apple’s rumored entrance into the self-driving car market. To that end, as first reported by The Wall Street Journal, Apple recently met with officials at the California Department of Motor Vehicles — specifically to address the laws of self-driving cars in the state.

Multiple reports from The WSJ have emphasized that Apple is currently exploring the possibility of incorporating the platform in a subsequent iteration of the long-rumored Apple Car.

Apple has made numerous hires in recent years, primarily by poaching employees from the likes of Tesla, Ford, GM, A123 Systems and Samsung for its top-secret automotive project.

Most recently, the company is claimed to have hired a substantial portion of top talent from electric motorcycle startup Mission Motors, who reportedly had to close its doors in light of the talent loss. It was then reported in September that Apple was honing in and speeding up on research and development of the Apple Car for a potential launch in 2019.

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