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Watch Apple’s Hilarious New iPhone 6s Ads

Apple’s New iPhone 6s Ads Are Hilarious
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It seems like Apple’s relationship with Bill Hader didn’t end after the comedian took part in the opening skit for WWDC earlier this year, with the company recently releasing a new ad for the iPhone 6s featuring Hader.

Photo: GQ

The ad is one of a number of new ads that focus on the new iPhone’s hands-free capabilities, with the new iPhone featuring the “Hey Siri” voice command, enabling users to activate Siri simply through their voice.

In the video, Hader tells Siri to read him his emails, which ends up being a spam email from “Prince Oseph,” who is offering Hader a life-changing opportunity to making many millions of currency. Hader replies to the email enthusiastically.

“The iPhone 6s is here, and the only thing that’s changed with Siri is everything. Because now you just say ‘Hey Siri’ and Siri’s there, hands-free. Which can come in handy,” says the voice-over for the ad.

This new ad is the fifth iPhone 6s ad that Apple has released in the span of only one week. The ads focus on a wide range of different features of the new phone, including 3D Touch, Live Photos, and the improved camera.

Bill Hader isn’t the only well-known personality to star in an iPhone 6s ad, with three of the other ads featuring actor Jamie Foxx. In one of these ads we see Foxx getting dressed. He looks in the mirror and then asks Siri whether or not she thinks he looks good, to which Siri replies, “Judging from your voice, I’d say you must be fairly attractive.” Yes, Jamie Foxx is flirting with his iPhone.

Foxx also appears in a “Hey Siri” ad similar to Bill Hader’s, in which Foxx seems to be looking at scripts for two new movies. He asks Siri to flip a coin, which seems to be the decider for Foxx doing a sci-fi western film.

Foxx makes a cameo in another one of the ads, this time with the ad highlighting 3D Touch. Jamie Foxx is seen listening to his own song, after which he pretends he’s actually on the phone talking to someone.

Another one of Apple’s new ads, called Half Court, shows Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. The ad itself shows off the new Live Photos feature, with Curry shooting for the net, after which he turns around to face the camera as the ball, obviously, hits its mark.

“The iPhone 6s is here, and the only thing that’s changed with the camera is everything. Because now you can shoot amazing Live Photos. Bringing every moment, big or small, to life with just a touch,” says the voice-over for this ad.

I’m sure you can notice a trend with the iPhone 6s voice-overs in the ads. “The only thing that’s changed is everything” is Apple’s slogan for the new phone, and while it is certainly cheesy and slightly over the top, there are a number of big changes in the new iPhone. Most interesting is the new 3D Touch feature, which many suggest will change the smartphone industry. 3D Touch offers users a new way to interact with their smartphone, enabling them to control different aspects of the phone based on how hard they press down.

Apple has also recently released a number of ads to promote the Apple Watch, with these ads also highlighting things like Apple Music, Apple Pay, Siri, and so on. These ads are a little more aimed at fashion than comedy, which makes sense considering the fact that the Apple Watch is designed to be a fashion accessory.

It’s certainly interesting to see Apple start using stars to promote its products. There was once a time when the device itself was the only star of the show. Perhaps this is because of the fact that Apple is moving closer and closer to being a fashionable company, and fashion companies often use stars to promote their products.


Of course, while using celebrities is a recent endeavor for Apple, making famous ads isn’t, with perhaps the most famous ads being those involving our friends “Mac” and “PC,” which basically featured a young and trendy Mac discussing computer features with an older, nerdy PC. Not much has changed, as Apple continues its trendy persona with their newest fun and fashionable adverts.

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