Apple’s Latest Video Editor ‘Clips’ Is Now Available to Download

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Just a few short weeks after its original announcement, Apple on Thursday morning made available its intuitive new Clips app for iOS, which will allow users to seamlessly create videos right from their iPhone or iPad. Affectionately dubbed “iMovie for the next generation,” Clips will enable users to combine pre-recorded videos up to 30 minutes in length, as well as still photos and music, into one contiguous video that can then be shared with your contacts and friends via iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a variety of other social media platforms.

To further enhance the individuality of your cinematic iOS production, Clips will also allow users to create animated captions — also known as “Live Titles” — utilizing their own voice to apply elements such as comic book filters, personalized text captions, speech bubbles, and shapes — all to the backdrop of the same ‘square format’ app interface that’s been popularized by Instagram. The end result of combining these elements will be up to an hour-long video that can be shared in stunning 1080p High Definition. 

“Clips are created in a square format, and are added to a basic timeline at the bottom of the screen. You can add individual video clips up to 30 minutes long to this timeline; and the total run time of a finished Clips video can be as long as 60 minutes,” The Verge reports, while adding that Clips videos are created to be shared in 1080p HD so long as your source video is recorded in HD.

Rather than being a truly innovative new app platform, Clips provides a wealth of features that have been popularized by social media apps such as Instagram, while adding a slew of personal touch options to help create a video that’s uniquely your own. Clips is available to download today from the App Store.

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