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Apple’s Infinity Loop Store Gets a Major Facelift

Apple’s Infinity Loop Store Gets a Major Facelift
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Earlier this year, we found out that Apple was going to standardize the packaging, accessories, and overall feel of Apple Stores all over the globe; as if the iconic glass staircases, clean interiors, and mass of Apple Geniuses teeming about the store wasn’t recognizable already.


One of the first iterations of this change can be seen at Apple’s revamped store in Cupertino, California.

Featured Photo: CNET


The Cupertino store is housed within Apple’s Cupertino campus, and has been famous in its own right. Originally opened in 1993, the store is the only part of Infinite Loop campus that is open to the public, making it somewhat of a destination for Apple fanatics and curious onlookers. It sold only novelty items, iPads, iPods, and Macs; but Apple decided to make some changes to the store in order to fit the company’s profile.

First and foremost, Apple Watches and iPhones would finally be sold in this location. This is a big point, considering that the Apple just released the newest version of the iPhone with a soon-to-follow watchOS update. Making these devices available for public purchase will only help to increase traffic to the store.


Additionally, Apple also changed the layout and outlook of the store. Where there once was a gift shop with Apple-branded apparel, there now stands a newer, sleeker, and more current Apple store. No more colorful or cutesy items; instead, there is the new Apple-standardized packaging alongside displays of Beats headphones, black t-shirts with Apple logos, and black and white ceramic mugs.

In fact, this location is the first spot that uses wide spacing in order to put heavy focus on each item. The only glaring absence from the Cupertino store is the Genius Bar, located in every one of Apple’s retail stores.

This push towards a more modern, simpler design is how Apple plans on branding itself as a luxury item. According to CNET, Apple’s new retail strategy is due in part to former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts. She has been working with Apple’s chief design officer, Jony Ive, to help bring style and innovation into Apple’s retail spaces.

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