iPhone and Apple Watch Spoofs to Make You Lol

iPhone and Apple Watch Spoofs to Make You Lol
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I love a good spoof, and the Internet has no shortage of them. And every time Apple introduces a new product you can rest assured someone’s ready to have a little fun. Since my job involves writing about Apple, I get to look for those spoofs and tell you about them.

I found out something very interesting during my search: Some parodies and spoofs aren’t very funny at all, and in fact some are quite NSFW. So to spare you from having to see those, I’ll share my top iPhone and Watch spoofs here.

Jim Beam introduces its own Apple watch

The only thing that would make this better is if it was April Fool’s Day. But here’s the thing: it’s real! Since Jim Beam makes Apple whiskey, why not an Apple watch? According to the company it’s stylish, available in green (because some apples are green) and costs much less than other watches. The idea is when you open the top a portable shot glass pops out so you can pour from your wrist with precision. The watch apparently retails for $17.99 and sold out in about 3 hours when it was made available the same day as the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced. You might just need one of these after you spend all that time and money on the other one.

A Phone 7 and A Phone 7 Plus

This one was funny. Basically it’s everything you are thinking about the iPhone but made fun of, from waterproofing, to the missing headphone jack, to the two shades of black. And bonus: if you listen to this with your eyes closed you’ll swear it’s the guy from the Outback Steakhouse commercials. Seriously, it sounds just like him, minus the steak.

Stephen Colbert: The iPhone 7’s new features will blow your mind

Stephen! Stephen! The late night host focused on the iPhone being all about less. “Quite simply, a solid chunk of metal.” He says that the front glass has been removed. “And without a front, do you really need a back?” Fair question. But the best part is when he introduces Gabe, aka iFriend. He’s like Siri, but a real person so there’s “instant verbal response.” And wait until you see how Gabe helps Stephen still utilize his now obsolete headphones.

Jimmy Kimmel: Presenting the iPhone 7

Here’s a feature you might have missed in Tim Cook’s presentation. Kimmel says the iPhone 7 rolls its eyes when it sees people using the previous version.

BONUS from Jimmy Kimmel: Anything here sound familiar?

If you thought the new iPhone was creative and original, wait until you see how the media reacted to it.

Ellen DeGeneres on waterproof iPhones and removing the headphone jack

This one isn’t so much a spoof as it is Ellen being honest. And she’s hilarious, so … After Ellen assures us that she isn’t going to pull out a new iPhone and isn’t going to shock the audience — spoiler alert: she really doesn’t — she goes on to talk about how amazing the new features are.

On waterproofing: “But they announced the new iPhone [and] it’s going to be waterproof. Have you heard about this? Yeah, waterproof. So now I can watch cat videos when I snorkel. Because I get bored when I’m down there and I need to …”

On cracked screens: “You can tell a lot about a person if their phone is cracked because, first of all it means that they’re clumsy, and then it means you’re lazy because you haven’t gone to get it fixed. And then it means you shouldn’t let them hold your child.”

On removing the headphone jack: “Apple is getting rid of the headphone jack on the phone as well, and they’re doing that because they’re gonna’ make it, err, thinner … they always want to make the phone thinner. I am sick of these unrealistic beauty standards for our phones. When I was a kid growing up the phone was like THAT thick, we would … we loved it just the same. We didn’t care.”

But you know what? Ellen went on the say none of that will stop her from getting one.

Which spoofs did you enjoy?

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