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Apple Watch Apps Unveiled at Spring Forward Event

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Apple officially launched the Apple Watch at yesterday’s “Spring Forward” event in San Francisco. Apple finally quelled hundreds of internet rumors as they announced the official release date of April 24, as well at the different versions, sizes, and price points of the Apple Watch (from $349 all the way up to $10,000). One of the biggest questions on most Apple users’ minds, however – exactly how the device will operate – was answered as they unveiled and demonstrated many of the apps that will be available for the wearable.

Many of the Watch apps that Apple anticipates will be popular with users were demonstrated on stage at the event yesterday. For example, Apple demonstrated how the ESPN app will update you with live notifications for sporting events you’re interested in. Twitter and Facebook glances were demonstrated, as well as glances from airline apps. The Maps app was on display, highlighting navigation and panning using your finger, and voice search capabilities. The Uber app allows you to hail a car and watch the real-time map from the wearable. Several hotel chains will allow you to unlock your room using the Watch. The Alarm.com app allows you to control your cameras, lights, and doors all from a touch on your wrist. The demonstration was very impressive, and showed just how useful the wearable will be.

Obviously, Apple didn’t have time to showcase every app available for the Watch. Apps like Instagram, eBay, CNN, Shazam, and Target didn’t receive any time on stage, but will certainly be popular with users. For a full list of the apps currently available, you can visit the Apple Watch App Store made available to users yesterday.


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